how to adopt the degraded fringe?

Dreaming of cute layered bangs, but don't know how to style this haircut? Everything you need to make up your mind is in this article.

Depending on the seasons, years and eras, bangs are not always worn the same way. Like all hairstyles and haircuts worthy of the name, it differs according to the fashion that punctuates our daily life. In the 1920s, the fringe was worn very straight, resolutely shorter ten years later, long and rolled in the 1950s, much thinner and more natural twenty years later … In 2021, the fringe continues to reinvent itself, although strongly influenced by past trends. Yes: in style too, we are talking about an eternal restart!

Here, we decipher the big trend of the moment in terms of fringe that is the degraded bangs. Bonus: we found 35 photos of this hairstyle for you on Pinterest so you can get inspired. Go in search of the perfect model!

What characterizes layered bangs?
There are so many kinds of different fringes that it is sometimes very difficult to differentiate them. As much when it comes to long bangs, short bangs, side bangs … we still manage to follow. But as soon as it concerns more "specific" terms – like layered bangs, tapered bangs, or even curtain bangs – it is immediately much more complicated! Fortunately, we're here to help you better differentiate each of these haircuts, so we know what to talk about.
Let's come back to the degraded bangs. In fact, it is just abouta fringe from which longer strands of hair emerge. Know that the gradient can be declined on a long fringe as well as a short one, as well as on a straight fringe, as on the side. Regardless of the shape of the bangs, generally speaking, the longer strands of hair dotted around the layered bangs delicately frame the face until they gradually blend into the rest of the length. So that's what we distinguish this hairstyle called degraded bangs, from another type of bang!

Gradient bangs: the trend of the moment
Directly inspired by the 70s, long curtain bangs is undoubtedly the most trendy layered fringe of the moment! His particuliarity ? It is in fact a long and layered fringe, pulled back on both sides of the face, revealing a pretty part of hair well centered and straight. If it is very popular lately, this fringe has always been a great hairstyle classic. Indeed, before curtain bangs became the ultra-trendy haircut it is today, this iconic haircut was already Brigitte Bardot's hair signature.
You couldn't have missed it: after making its comeback, curtain bangs can now be seen on all heads, regardless of style, and on all occasions! This year, we like it particularly long, frankly degraded, both voluminous and light. Retro chic look guaranteed!

The degraded bangs, a hairstyle that suits everyone
Capable of changing any look and enhancing all hairstyles, layered bangs are the harmonious touch that makes all the difference. While this haircut adapts to any type of face, the layered bangs can also be worn on thick hair as well as thin hair, straight hair as well as curly hair. Its secret: it is easy to cut and style this fringe according to the specifics of each one. Whether you prefer it short, long, clear on each side of the face, straight or on the side… It doesn't matter: the layered bangs have it all.

And with regard to the current trend, the curtain bangs, it is the same. While this haircut is particularly popular with the round faces it elongates, as well as the square faces that this hairstyle brings softness to, curtain bangs are known to look great on any face shape!

How to cut layered bangs?
Of course, we will always advise you to rely on your hairdresser, rather than attempting any hair modification at home. It will then suffice for you to present a model (why not even a photo Pinterest of this article?) to this hairdressing professional, to find yourself a few moments later with the haircut you've always dreamed of!
However, if you decide to take care of your hair on your own, here are some tips to consider before grabbing a pair of scissors:

Already, you need to make sure youuse quality material. You won't need much other than a comb and scissors, but deciding to use the ones in the back of a bathroom drawer is bound to be a bad idea. Indeed, you'd better opt for a pair of professional hairdressing scissors and, while you're at it, why not take the opportunity to also get yourself a pair of serrated scissors ? Know that this is an essential tool for achieving a layered style the way you like it!

Once you have the right equipment at your disposal, all you have to do is cut your hair … But be careful, not just anyhow! What we recommend to you first is to make your cut on dry hair, and this, for two reasons: already, this will allow you to visualize the final result live and thus to make some small modifications in the wake if necessary, then, the fact of cutting bangs on wet hair is very risky: in drying, the hair goes up and the length is not the same. So if you want to avoid the unpleasant surprise of ending up with too short bangs, you know what you have to do.

Finally, do not forget to proceed step by step. Tie up all of your hair first, leaving only the locks that will become your bangs. Then start by cutting this large wick thus obtained in the middle, by pinching your hair between your index and middle fingers. In order to achieve successful bangs, we recommend the "picketing" method, scissors vertically straight lengthwise.
Be careful, don't cut too short! It is best to start slowly, even if you have to start over several times. Once the middle of your lock is cut (at the level of your forehead, therefore), all you have to do is gradually and diagonally shorten the locks of hair on the side (s) of your face. so as to create the gradient along the length.

Are you new to home haircuts? Serrated scissors are your best friends. Indeed, they will allow you not to degrade your bangs too sharply and to achieve with style a nice blurred effect, ideal for a successful layering.

How to style degraded bangs?
We told you a little earlier, if the degraded bangs have the ability to adapt to any face, any hairstyle, it is in particular because it is possible to style it so as to highlight it according to its own specificities.
GenerallyThe best way to style layered bangs is to dry them with a round brush and a hairdryer, so that they are naturally curved. On the other hand, it is not recommended to use a hair straightener. Indeed, with this styling device, the "baguette-effect fringe" result will be anything but natural. Another tip: don't skimp on dry shampoo which will add substance to your bangs while preventing them from greasing too quickly.

If your hair is rather thin and / or very straight, in this case, you can really style your layered bangs by giving them more volume. For this, do not hesitate to slightly backcomb your bangs, as well as to usea texturizing spray which will bring to your outfit and the expected shape.

If your hair, on the contrary, is thick and / or curly, you can style your hair usinga styling cream or wax in order to better control the material, to give your layered bangs the shape that suits you best, and finally to avoid the appearance of frizz in your hair.

Maintenance of degraded bangs
Good news : the maintenance of degraded bangs is far from trying. Indeed, one of the big advantages of this haircut is that its degraded shape allows to space the appointments in hairdressing salon or the sessions of homemade haircut (a light cut every three to four weeks is largely sufficient). And if its regrowth is not restrictive, know that the degraded fringe – in particular in its curtain version – is also easily concealed using a few barrettes to be placed in the front of the hair (in addition, the hair accessories are particularly fashionable at the moment). If you are tired of it, you will also have the option of converting this hairstyle into straight bangs, or side strands. To do this, all you have to do is shorten the longest locks dotting your layered bangs with a few scissors, and voila!

Here ! Now that you know all about layered bangs, all you have to do is succumb to this haircut like no other … But before that, get inspired by 35 photos unearthed on Pinterest here gathered for you. Who knows, maybe one of them will serve as a model for you when you cut yourself or have your stylist cut your layered bangs?