how to adopt the key trend of the season?

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A key trend of the 1960s when it was at its peak, vinyl is making a comeback this season. If we love its shiny appearance and the rock and sexy touch it infuses into any outfit, we have to admit that it’s not the easiest material to wear… Discover all our tips for wearing it with style .

the vinyl has style! Income straight from 60she owes this meteoric fashion rise at NOTNicholas di Felice. Indeed, last season, the artistic director of Courrèges proposed an ultra-retro collection almost entirely in vinyl: jacket, trousers, skirt… It is clear that André Courrèges’ favorite material has not aged a bit. This fall-winter 2022, it even rises to the rank of the most popular material for fashionistas and other sharp fashionistas. However, it is not that easy to wear. Fortunately, vinyl comes in all its forms and in different colors: black, pink, brown, white or burgundy, to adapt to everyone’s desires and inspirations… Discover our instructions for adopting theone of the biggest trends for this fall-winter 2022-2023.

How to wear vinyl without a fashion faux-pas?

With its smooth and shiny texture, vinyl can quickly be scary. the fashion statement to appropriate this fashionable material while avoiding fashion faux-pas? Avoid playing the card of 100% vinyl, at the risk of falling into the ‘too much’ box. Because a varnish effect garment quickly becomes the key piece of a look, it is important to choose it and match it well. The best way to achieve this? Combine it with vouchers sober basics in a solid color, so as not to unbalance the silhouette. As for shoes, you can wear vinyl with heels. On the other hand, we choose them carefully. With a skirt or a short vinyl dress, exit the platform sandals and 12 centimeter heels. Instead, we put on refined shoes with a small heel. You can also wear it with sneakers to shift the chic side of vinyl with a streetwear piece.
The winning combination to wear this material without making a mistake? Mix vinyl + oversize. How ? by combining it with a oversized piece, such as a chunky knit sweater, t-shirt or sailor top. The difference in materials and volumes will break the somewhat ‘sexy’ image of vinyl and promise a pointed outfitwith high fashion potential.

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The easiest vinyl pieces to adopt

For those who would like to get started without taking any risks, we recommend that you start with the bottoms and opt for either pants or shorts or a vinyl skirt. To be combined very simply with a white shirt, a cashmere turtleneck or quite simply a white t-shirt with a large cuddly knit cardigan.
As for shoes, a pair of white sneakers for a casual look or small boots with heels will totally do the job. Furthermore, the vinyl ankle boots (very retro) are also relatively easy to wear, with straight or flare raw jeans and an oversized blazer, for example.
Finally, the star material of winter is also available in the form ofaccessories ! More discreet and even easier to own, a vinyl handbag will effortlessly twist our most basic outfits. We also love the very trendy vinyl bucket hat, which adds a stylish and streetwear but chic touch to your look.

Our favorite vinyl pieces

Colored vinyl for the most daring

If the black vinyl is timeless and will always represent a safe betthe most daring can set their sights on colored vinyl parts : red, green, white or even pink… Very trendy, the purple wants to THE color of the season.
Among the strong pieces that you can wear, we find the classic trench coat or the short jacket. Like at Courreges, it can be worn short and plain and will enhance any look. To be worn over a sweater dress, this it-piece has the power to give our winter wardrobe a twist, day and night.

If in everyday life, Mélanie advocates the “less is more” excessively, betting only on timeless basics, she follows all the same…

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