how to assign two shortcuts to the actions button

By default, the new iPhone 15 actions button can save a single shortcut. A developer found a way to configure two of them with a few manipulations.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max / Credits: Phonandroid

You were lucky: theiPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max that you were waiting for has arrived without delay. And after a few days of use, you will notice that it is not subject to the overheating problems that affect some models. Phew. So you take the time to discover your new smartphone and the possibilities offered by iOS 17. Among them, configure a shortcut on the mobile action button is interesting. Unfortunately, we can only include one at the moment. But that was without counting on the ingenuity of a developer.

Federico Viticci created a system to record two, called MultiButton. The principle is extremely simple: you press the button once and the first shortcut is triggered, you press a second time and the second is launched. There are, however, some subtleties. First of all, the two programmed actions follow each other when you press twice. They must therefore be chosen based on this behavior. Afterwards, the second shortcut can only be triggered once the first is completed.

It is possible to register two shortcuts on the actions button of the iPhone 15 pro

Also note that there is a set time during which you must press a second time, otherwise the first shortcut will activate again. By default you have 7 seconds after initial pressure, but you can change this duration in the app. The configuration is quite easy. After downloading and installing the file on iPhone 15 as an application, Follow the instructions on the screen to choose your shortcuts. MultiButton may ask you toaccess a folder on iCloud. Rest assured, this is normal and no private data will be read.

Federico Viticci’s solution is not perfect, by its creator’s own admission. She must deal with the technical limitations and possibilities of the system. MultiButton, however, offers what iOS 17 does not yet allow to do, hoping that Apple will make it a native function in the future. Do not hesitate to consult the article cited in source for more details and configuration examples. The developer has several shortcuts ready to use.

Source: MacStories

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