How To Beat Cliff | Pokémon GO | Guide January 2022

The leaders of Team GO Rocket are back in force in Pokémon Go. We explain how to easily overcome Cliff for this month of January 2022.

As you most certainly know, the leaders of Team Go Rocket are formidable adversaries. While minions are widely available to anyone who wants to take on them, an opponent like Cliff is much tougher and requires minimal preparation.

Of the three leaders of Team Go Rocket, Cliff was previously probably the most problematic especially because of his Ptera that you faced in the first round. Here is everything you need to know to overcome this high-ranking Team Go Rocket and his team much less terrifying than before.

The Cliff team in January 2022 on Pokémon Go

Pokemon 1 Pokemon 2 Pokemon 3
Tadmorv Florizarre Tyranitar
Mackogneur Arcanine
Nostenfer Charizard

Now that you know what options Cliff has in this fight, it’s time to pick your Pokémon. Since there is a significant element of randomness in the formation of Cliff’s team, it is crucial to choose Pokémon that are versatile enough to cover all possible scenarios.


You will have to go through Cliff before you can face Giovanni.

Phase 1: Tadmorv in Pokémon Go



Pokémon recommended against Tadmorv:

  1. Lugia (Extrasensor / Pique)
  2. Rhinastoc (Coud’Boue / Overpower)
  3. Carchacrok (Mud Shot / Turbish-Sand)
  4. Yveltal (Tornado / Psyko)
  5. Golemastoc (Coud’boue / Fist Shadow)

Phase 2: Florizarre / Mackogneur / Nostenfer in Pokémon Go


Weakness :

Pokémon recommended against Florizarre:

  1. Ho-Oh (Incinerate / Earthquake)
  2. Drattak (Fangs Fire / Anger)
  3. Mega blizzaroi (Powder / Weather Ball)
  4. Entei (Fire Fangs / Nitrocharge)
  5. Celebi (Mental Shock / Psyko)


Weakness :

Pokémon recommended against Mackogneur:

  1. Lugia (Extrasensor / Pique)
  2. Mega Flagadoss (Mental Shock / Psyko)
  3. Electhor (Eclair / Beak Twist)
  4. Togekiss (Charm / Return)
  5. Gardevoir (Charm / Synchropeine)


Weakness :

Pokémon recommended against Nostenfer:

  1. Tyranitar (Anti-Air / Chews)
  2. Mega Pharamp (Change Lightning / Lightning Fist)
  3. Grolem d’Alola (Change Eclair / Roc Ball)
  4. Grolem (Stone Jet / Rock Ball)
  5. Artikodin (Ice Shards / Ice Winds)

Pokemon Go Sulfura Elethor

Pokémon like Sulfura or Lugia will be of great help to you against Cliff.

Phase 3: Tyranitar in Pokémon Go



  • Combat (Double weakness)
  • Steel
  • Water
  • Fairy
  • Insect
  • Plant
  • Ground

Recommended Pokémon against Tyranitar:

  1. Hariyama (Riposte / Close Combat)
  2. Betochef (Riposte / Dynamo-fist)
  3. Scarhino (Riposte / Close Combat)
  4. Mackogneur Obscure (Poing-Karate / Close Combat
  5. Mackogneur (Riposte / Close Combat)


Weakness :

Pokémon recommended against Arcanine:

  1. Grolem (Mud Shot / Rock Ball)
  2. Laggron (Mud Shot / Hydroblast)
  3. Palkia (Dracosouffle / Hydroqueue)
  4. Rhinoferos (Coud’Boue / Surf)
  5. Grolem d’Alola (Jet-Pierres / Ball Roc)


Weakness :

  • Water
  • Electric
  • Rock (Double Weakness)

Pokémon recommended against Charizard:

  1. Amonistar (Mud Shot / Landslide)
  2. Melmetal (Lightning / landslide)
  3. Laggron (Mud Shot / Hydroblast)
  4. Raikou (Lightning Bolt / Crazy Lightning)
  5. Kabutops (Mud Tie / Ancient Power)

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