how to best use olive oil?

Olive oil is great for the skin. Homemade recipes, advice and shopping treatments, we tell you all about this ingredient that pampers our face.

Obtained by first cold pressing and from the fruit of the olive tree, the olive, this oil has many benefits for very soft skin. This natural product known as an ancestral beauty secret used by the Egyptians or the Greeks, on the face, olive oil is a star ingredient, accessible and easy to include in beauty treatments.

So, are you tempted by the beautiful skin properties of olive oil?

Mask, makeup remover, moisturizer, olive oil works wonders in all beauty products and adapts to all skin types, even the most sensitive. His secret? Apart from its benefits linked to its unique composition, olive oil maintains water by trapping it in the epidermis, which makes it a formidable moisturizer.

So, how do you incorporate this treatment into your daily ritual? You have two options.
Or integrate olive oil into your homemade products, as an essential part of your DIY beauty minute recipes. Then buy an excellent quality olive oil, preferably organic, virgin or extra virgin, without any chemicals and benefiting from a PDO (protected designation of origin). Either choose a cosmetic, cream, serum or other product that gives pride of place to olive oil.

A beneficial oil for the face

Olive oil is a real beauty elixir. Rich in fatty acids, not containing water like all fatty substances, olive oil contains oleic acid, an omega 9, but also linoleic acid. This omega 6 promotes hydration by maintaining the body's water reserves. A deficiency in linoleic acid causes severe skin dryness. Also rich in antioxidants, vitamin E and vitamin K, it has particularly appreciated moisturizing and anti-aging properties. Last trump card? Its phytosterols which are powerful anti-inflammatory drugs. Thanks to all of its benefits, virgin olive oil is a vegetable oil particularly suitable for facial skin care.

A spoon of olive oil for beautiful skin

A few drops of olive oil can be more than enough to use it as a moisturizing lotion instead of her usual facial treatment or just before. To avoid the feeling of greasy on the skin, you can apply olive oil on a slightly moistened face (with a thermal water spray for example) or remove the excess with a wet glove in hot water. by tapping with delicacy, without rubbing.

In summer, you can also use several tablespoons of olive oil as of an after-sun to be applied to overheated areas of skin of the face.

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Another fairly simple use, olive oil can also be used instead of makeup remover, a day of breakdown for example. In fact, it suffices to pour a few drops on a cotton ball and pass it over the face and eyes to remove traces of makeup. Remember to rinse off right after.

Finally, arguably the most famous facial recipe, olive oil can be transformed as a hydrating mask if one to two tablespoons of oil are incorporated into beauty recipes containing eggs or honey and lemon juice. Apply it to a perfectly clean face, just after a light exfoliation, for example, once or twice a week, and leave it on for ten minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water.

Note: It is best not to use pure olive oil on the face if you are prone to acne as opinions are very divided on the purifying virtues of olive oil on pimples.

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Olive oil can also be used as a gentle scrub on the skin, adding a few tablespoons of powdered sugar or semolina. A recipe with 100% natural ingredients to take care of you.

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Olive oil-based treatments

For all people who want to benefit from the benefits of olive oil without going through the house recipe box, many brands have made it a benchmark active.
Whether for facials or ready-to-use multi-purpose oils, you can definitely invite olive oil into your bathroom. An original way to bring in a little sun with a few sprigs of olive tree in your beautiful skin routine!

Olive oil-based treatments: the editorial's selection

Multi-use oils
Olive & Argan vegetable oil, Floressance by Léa Nature

Moroccanoil Body Dry Oil

Korres Pure Greek Olive 3 in 1 Nourishing Oil

Organic soap
Olive soap with olive oil from Fleurance Nature

Hydrating care
Esteem & Sense Hydrating Simplessence

A face scrub
Apivita deep exfoliation olive exfoliating facial treatment

A makeup remover
Biotanie purifying jelly

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