how to calculate what you have to pay

How much child support should I pay based on my income? To answer this question, a simulator is available to see more clearly.

If you are separated from your partner and you have children, you may have to pay child support each month. The amount of this varies according to the total number of dependent children of the debtor parent (regardless of the union from which they were born) and the extent of the right to visit and accommodation (reduced, classic, or alternate without spontaneous sharing of costs), recalls the site. To find it, a simulator is available.

It is thus necessary to inform the net monthly income of the debtor parent, the type of visitation and accommodation rights as well as the number of children concerned to have a simulation of the amount for alimony. However, the site reminds that the calculated amount is indicative. Only the judge (if seized) can decide the final amount of the pension taking into account the specific situations of the parents.

An amount that varies according to the mode of custody

For example, a parent with a net income of 2000 euros (before deduction of income tax) will have to, for a child, pay 188 euros per month in case of custody classic, that is to say if the child lives mainly with one of the parents but spends one weekend out of two and half of the school holidays with the other parent. If custody is alternate, the amount of the pension would be 125 euros for a child.

To help you find your way around, the simulator also gives the applicable rate per child, a rate established according to a reference table published annually by the Minister of Justice and which depends on the type of visitation and accommodation right. Thus, the rate for a child in the event of visiting rights and reduced accommodation is currently fixed 18%against 9% if custody is alternate.

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