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how to celebrate your lily of the valley wedding anniversary?

You are about to celebrate your 13th wedding anniversary. What is the meaning behind the wedding of thrush? Discover the symbolism of this 13th anniversary and the ways to celebrate it to make this day unforgettable.

Cotton weddings, weddings of wood, tin, gold … Each wedding anniversary corresponds to a material. For the 13 years of marriage, we celebrate lily of the valley wedding. This pretty plant with white bells is as beautiful as it is dangerous, like the number 13, which brings luck or misfortune according to beliefs. But lily of the valley symbolizes the return of sunny days and "rediscovered happiness". After 13 years of marriage, ups and downs, compromises and patience, this 13th anniversary is a lucky charm for you!

13 years of marriage: the wedding of thrush

Wooden weddings for 5 years of marriage, wool weddings for 7 years, tin weddings for 10 years of union, and for your 13 years of marriage, you are celebrating your lily of the valley wedding. After 13 years of marriage and the ups and downs that have enabled your couple to grow, this anniversary is the perfect opportunity to forget the little quarrels of everyday life. These 13 years will bring you happiness!

Lily of the valley symbolizes the return of sunny days. Thus the flowers of lily of the valley which bloom in spring represent marriage, synonymous with compromise and patience, which flourishes year after year, overcoming all the ordeals of everyday life. You have passed ten years and your marriage is stronger than ever now.

What gift to offer to celebrate 13 years of marriage?

Tradition has it that, for each wedding anniversary, we offer the chosen one from our heart a gift related to the material in the spotlight this year. For celebrate the wedding of thrush in the rules of the art, offer a gift that recalls nature or these pretty white bells.

If your birthday falls in May or April, you will not be able to be more in the theme than by offering your loved one and tending a pretty bouquet of lily of the valley. Otherwise, opt for white flowers, the gift that pleases all occasions. You can also bet on your partner's sense of smell by finding him a gift scented with lily of the valley: a candle like that of Dyptique called "Muguet" or a perfume or eau de toilette such as Muguet from Annick Goutal for example. Jewelry is essential in terms of gifts: choose what appeals to him most according to his tastes. No need to wait for the golden wedding (50 years) or the diamond wedding (60 years), the pearl wedding (30 years) or the silver wedding (25 years) to offer a jewel to the chosen one from his heart …

Sometimes the simplest gifts are the ones that go straight to the heart, so why not just write a nice love letter to your partner?

Romantic ideas to celebrate your lily of the valley wedding

  • A weekend in the heart of nature

Want to mark the occasion for your 13th wedding anniversary? Book a weekend or a night in a magical place in the heart of nature. Tree house, bubble with unforgettable view, night on a barge, there is no shortage of unusual ideas. A romantic getaway is not a gift like any other. It is an opportunity to disconnect, spend time together and share moments of loving bonding, of which you will have fond memories.

  • A picnic in a field

To stay in the bucolic theme, nothing better than a country picnic. Find a secluded corner, make a pretty tablecloth and prepare dishes that you like, in short put the shapes in it … A simple but 100% romantic idea to celebrate your wedding.

  • A romantic dinner dotted with flowers

Of course, you can celebrate your wedding anniversary at home. And for that, bet on a romantic dinner by decorating your house or apartment with white flowers. If thrush is out of season, peonies or white roses will be perfect.

The best would obviously be to go for a walk in the woods in search of sprigs of lily of the valley … but for that it would be necessary that the celebration of your 13 years of marriage falls during its flowering. Rest assured, a couple's walk in the forest is an equally romantic option.

  • A cooking workshop for two

Here is a new original idea to celebrate your lily of the valley wedding: a duo cooking workshop! You will even find chefs who offer gastronomic workshops to learn how to cook flowers. Perfect to be in the theme and for a gourmet birthday …

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