how to celebrate your wool wedding?

Congratulations, you are about to celebrate your 7 years of marriage. Discover our selection of ideas to celebrate your woolen wedding with dignity. Travel, unusual experiences, handmade gift, you will inevitably find the ideal present!

Seven years of happiness, arguments, romantic evenings and sometimes misunderstanding. Your relationship has had its ups and downs, but seven years after it started, it is still going strong. Difficult however in our often overloaded daily newspapers, between managing the life of the home, children and work, to find time for their couple. The celebration of your woolen wedding can be the perfect opportunity to meet the two of you to celebrate your love.

7 years: the wedding of wool

Wheat nuptials for three years of marriage, Silk nuptials for twelve years of union and woolen wedding for seven years of marriage. That's it you have just crossed this very important milestone!
Wool is a symbol of softness but also of solidity and the unwavering bond that unites the two spouses. After seven years of marriage, the relationship is now well established and the wool symbolizes everything that has been built by the couple during these years and will allow them to weave the rest of their history.

Seven years of marriage: a difficult course to pass?

You have certainly heard of the fateful seven-year milestone. A sort of invisible flag that would sign the inevitable occurrence of a crisis within the couple, or even a breakup. A belief popularized by magazines but also by many films, starting with Seven years of reflection, masterpiece of Billy Wilder with Marilyn Monroe and more recently comedy Seven years of marriage with Didier Bourdon and Catherine Frot. Two films which depict the decay of the couple, the disappearance of passion and the temptations that suddenly overwhelm lovers. But even if your husband is called Didier, don't worry, all this has no scientific basis! If the passion lasts 3 years, the real difficult course to pass would rather correspond to a decade of relationship. In any case, this is the conclusion of an American study published in the scientific journal Social Science Research. Of the 2,604 women interviewed, 66% said that time had had an impact on communication within the couple, but it was only after ten years that they started to feel really less happy. We meet again at your tin wedding to discuss it again?

Our gift ideas to celebrate your 7 years of marriage

The ideal gift for your wedding anniversary may be either a present that you give to your loved one, or something that is intended for both of you. No need to spend a fortune (unless you really want to make it happen!), A symbolic gift, made with your white hands, can also work wonders. And whatever you decide, remember also that a bouquet of flowers or a pretty red rose is always a pleasure!

  • A weekend in the trees

Leave the children to their grandparents and take off! There are a thousand and one ways to spend an unusual weekend today. Tree house, night on a barge or in a yurt, the possibilities abound. A romantic trip is not a gift like any other. It is synonymous with time spent together but also the opportunity to forge new memories… .for unforgettable woolen weddings.

  • A book to reinvent your sexuality

After seven years of relationship, maybe the routine has settled into your sex life. What if the best gift you could give your couple was to bring a little spice under your duvet? This is precisely what is missing from Didier Bourdon and Catherine Frot in Seven years of marriage ! If you are short of ideas, we recommend the Kama Sutra by Lucile Bellan illustrated by Petite Bohème (Éditions Leduc.s, 19.90 euros). A book that is for everyone: heterosexual, homosexual couples, those who live their sexuality with others, and reveals 60 positions to approach sex in an egalitarian and non-gendered way. For a birthday night that you will never forget …

  • A party with your wedding guests

And if you take advantage of your wedding anniversary to organize a big party with your loved ones? The opportunity to bring together all those who were present on your wedding day and to mark the occasion with an unforgettable evening. It’s also an opportunity, if you feel like it, to renew your vows.

  • A parachute jump for a breathtaking gift

It's up to you to choose between a parachute, a bungee jump or a first dive, but the idea is to surpass yourself … as a couple. An original and unforgettable way to celebrate your seven years of union. For the less adventurous, a hike for two in the middle of nature can also be an attractive idea.

  • Pretty photos to immortalize this moment

7 years of love is the opportunity to keep a memory of this day on glossy paper. Why not offer your lover a photo shoot for two or a family. This is a nice gift that will never age.

  • A jewel to celebrate your love

No need to wait for the golden wedding anniversary (50 years) or the diamond wedding anniversary (60 years) or the pearl wedding anniversary (30 years) to offer a jewel to the chosen one … is not just for women. A diamond, a curb chain, a pendant are very personal gifts that touch the heart.

  • A gift related to the theme of the year

Who says wedding of wool, says possibility of making by hand a sweater or scarf in this noble material. If you're not very comfortable with needles, you can also opt for a pretty cashmere sweater bought in store. To stay in the theme, why not imagine a trip to Peru, the land of the alpaca and its soft wool, or treat yourself to a stay in the mountains that you can spend wrapped in a beautiful woolen vest.

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