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In the fashion world either, it’s not always easy to find the right shoe! And even more so when it comes to boots. Carole Martinez, creator of Atelier de la Botte, shares her best tips for wearing this timeless shoe, without sacrificing comfort. Lace-up, elastic or thigh-high version, the boot is reinvented and adapts to all silhouettes. Whether to fill a thin calf or make space for it, each option addresses a problem. Here are all the tips to remember to optimize your shopping trips.

How to properly measure your calf circumference for suitable boots?

First step: know your body shape. For this, it is essential to measure your leg circumference before targeting a specific boot. To take your measurement, it is advisable to sit on a chair, take a sewing measure, measure both calves and remember the highest number. Carole Martinez explains: “You should know that the calf circumference never exceeds the size. For example, if the size is 39, the calf circumference will never be 40 cm.” She adds : “Calf circumferences vary between -3 cm and -0.5 cm. Which means that, depending on the model, a size 39 boot will have a calf circumference of 36 cm minimum and 38.5 cm maximum.” So, if you are at the bottom of the scale, you can consider that you have a thin calf. At the top of the scale, your calf is rated as wide and in between you have a calf standard.

Which boots to choose when you have wide calves?

An option to favor when you have wide calves: the lace-up boot. As Carole Martinez states: “Lace-up models allow you to adjust and get more ease in width.” In fact, these offer better ankle support and allow more adjustments. Your foot will thus be perfectly supported, from the heel to below the knee. Please note that this model generally includes a zip, on the side or at the back. A practical way to put on your shoes, without having to undo the laces.

Which boots for thin legs?

For those who have difficulty finding boots that hug their slender legs, tube boots will do the trick perfectly. “When the calves are thin, you should favor tube models that rise very high”declares the founder of L’Atelier de la Botte. “This will help conceal the gap between the calf and the boot,” she specifies. As for models, Carole Martinez recommends opting for knee pads or some waders. Avoid overly flared shapes which will only accentuate the contrast with your petite leg.

Wide calves or thin legs: think about boots with elastic

Finally, the good compromise for these two body types remains the boot with elastic. Carole Martinez explains: “Wide calves often have an uneven leg circumference. This is why boots can gape at the top of the shaft and in this case the visual effect is not very graceful.” Thus, the elastic boot fits the entire leg while allowing the calf to find his place. Same thing for silhouettes with tapered legs: elastic material fills the gap between the boot and the calf and thus shapes everything. This elastic can be found along the length of the boot or across the entire tube for a sock style, a very trendy model this season.

And why not try tailor-made? As Carole Martinez states: “You should know that calf circumferences and upper heights vary depending on the shoe size”, this is why it is sometimes difficult to combine all the issues simultaneously. But, good news, there are professionals in tailor-made boots. This allows you to both target a specific model, choose the aesthetic that suits you while optimizing the support and adaptation of the boot to your calf. An all-in-one that deserves to be tested!

How to wear boots in spring?

Once you have found THE perfect model for you, all you have to do is show off your new boots proudly. Luckily, the boots are super trendy and easy to wear. We love them with short shorts and an oversized shirt for a casual chic look, with jeans to replace sneakers or moccasins for a look that makes a difference, or even with a pretty short dress and a long oversized blazer for a bit of an effect. more dressed. In short, boots are everything, whether flat, heeled, over-the-knee boots or lower, you can wear them over several seasons and have fun in terms of style!

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