How to cool a bottle of water… without putting it in the fridge!


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Even without having access to a refrigerator, it is possible to chill a bottle. To do this, you have to use the laws of physics.

Almost everyone knows that annoying little moment in summer, when you realize that you haven’t thought to put the bottle of water in the fridge in advance or that it’s got hot in the sun. To avoid having to settle for lukewarm water or the sometimes unpleasant taste of ice cubes, there are several techniques that allow you to quickly lower the temperature of a bottle and its contents, Current wife.

For this, it suffices toa tea towel and a little water. Wet the fabric and wring it roughly. There must still be enough water left for the trick to work. Wrap your bottle in the tea towel and expose it to the sun. The idea may seem paradoxical, but the laws of thermodynamics will then come into play. As it evaporates, the water contained in the tea towel will take some of the heat from the bottle with it. This will therefore see its temperature drop.

Coarse salt and streams

This method has the advantage of being able to be used in almost any situation when the sun is out. It is applicable both to a plastic bottle and to glass containers or cans. It is thus perfectly possible to use it at the beach with a bath towel. Moreover, salty seawater evaporates more quickly.

Other tricks can be used to quickly chill a drink, but sometimes require a bit more equipment. At home, remember to have a certain amount of ice cubes available. To refresh a bottle very quickly, pour them into a bucket, possibly with water to top up. Add a generous dose of coarse salt. Salt water freezes at a temperature below 0 degrees. The ice cubes will therefore dissolve more quickly, and will lower the temperature in the bucket. The bottle will therefore cool more. If you are in an area with cool waterways, such as in the mountainsit is always possible to immerse a bottle deep in the water, taking care to attach it beforehand.

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