how to create a poll in a discussion

For some time now, WhatsApp has allowed you to launch surveys. It only takes a few steps to post your own poll to a WhatsApp group or chat.

How to create a survey on WhatsApp // Source: Frandroid

If WhatsApp is primarily used to send and receive written messages, its functionalities have greatly developed over time. It is, for example, possible to send a fleeting photo (like a Snapchat), to change the wallpaper in a chat, or to configure your experience to benefit from more confidentiality.

Among the tools that WhatsApp provides to its community to enrich conversations, we find the poll function. The latter allows you to consult the members of a discussion on any theme, by asking a question and writing at least two possible answers. The person proposing the survey must also determine the voting conditions (voters can only choose one answer or several).

How to create a poll on a WhatsApp group?

It is entirely possible to launch a survey in a conversation with two or more people. This makes it possible to energize a discussion group, like what applications like Signal or Telegram offer. Here are the steps to start a poll on a WhatsApp chat.

  • Open the chat of your choice on WhatsApp.
  • Tap the paperclip icon.
  • Select “Survey” in the newly opened box.
  • Write your question and answers.
  • Determine whether or not you allow multiple responses.
  • Press the publish button (white arrow on green background).

Once the poll is shared in the conversation, people there can vote by clicking on the answer(s) (depending on the initial configuration of the poll). The counter and gauges will update as the votes vote. It is possible to change your own response (phew) and an option allows you to see the votes in detail, visible to all members of the conversation.

However, it is still impossible to pin a survey to a conversation, so you will have to scroll up to find a survey posted earlier.

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