How to create a QR code for free?

Quick response codes, more commonly known as “QR codes”, are two-dimensional barcodes that contain information that can be scanned, for example, by a phone’s camera. This information can lead to a website, database, multimedia content or file, and can be used for augmented reality, advertising, social media and more.

They can be a handy tool to attract more people to your company’s social networks, or simply to promote a product or a company. Be careful though, QR codes can also be used for scams or phishing.

Some QR code creators for websites require a subscription, while others allow you to create them for free. Here we show you the best free options.

How to create a QR code for free?

Here are some interesting uses of QR codes:

  • present a link to a website, that of a company or a personal page;
  • share multimedia content (such as videos or images);
  • link to social media accounts;
  • share files or text;
  • download an application on Android and iOS;
  • carry out monetary transactions (PayPal, Venmo, Cash App);
  • add WhatsApp and vCard contacts;
  • send e-mails ;
  • connect to Wi-Fi;
  • make a call or send an SMS.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the Internet browser developed by Google, based on the Open Source Chromium project, the browser is fast and allows you to open as many pages as you want thanks to its tabbed management.

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Did you know you can create QR codes for free using the Google Chrome browser? A simple right click on the page you are on brings up the Chrome menu, one of the options of which is Create a QR code for this page. You can also do the same on some images on websites.

QR Code with a T rex in the middle, above the words Google Chrome

Image: Maria Diaz/ZDNet.

The QR code creation service is available on the mobile and desktop versions of the browser. To create a QR code on Chrome from your mobile device, on both iOS and Android, just tap the share icon, then select Create a QR code. Once your code is created, you can share it with others or save it to your device.

Screenshot showing how to create a QR Code from a website by right-clicking on the page and choosing Create QR Code

Image: Maria Diaz/ZDNet.

However, Google Chrome’s option is mainly for sharing websites; this simple tool does not support other types of use such as creating a download link for an application, a multimedia file, or sharing text or contacts.


QRbot is the best free option for desktop users, although it doesn’t allow for as much customization as other services. On the website, you can choose to create a QR code for a URL, a contact card, to join a Wi-Fi network, to send an SMS or an e-mail, or to make a call. Then just click on To download to save the QR code on your computer.

QR code above the word QRbot

Image: Maria Diaz/ZDNet.

There are mobile versions of QRbot available for iOS and Android mobile devices. In addition to creating QR codes, you can use the app to scan QR codes and barcodes.

Screenshot showing how to create a QR Code with QRbot

Image: QRbot.

This application contains advertisements. You can pay $3.99 to remove advertising and unlock access to advanced features, like more themes and customization options.

QRbot Mobile app examples

Image: QRbot.

Creating a QR code with the site is quite easy, although you need to create an account to download the QR code. The seven-day free trial is then launched.

Example of QR with a ZDNet logo in the center

Image: Maria Diaz/ZDNet.

The website allows you to link your QR code to many contents: applications, web pages, comment or evaluation forms, menus or even event pages. Just click on one of them, fill in the information about the link you want to create and customize it. You can then download your code in PNG or SVG formats.

Screenshot of the website with the custom QR Code on the right

Image: is a paid service for creating static and dynamic QR codes. It costs 35 euros per month or 350 euros per year. Both subscriptions allow the creation of an unlimited number of QR codes, and also offer API access, personalized landing pages, bulk creation and scan statistics.

With a dynamic QR code, you can create a page that can be edited without having to update the code. You also have access to scan statistics, which lets you know when and where your code was scanned. After the seven day free trial, dynamic QR codes will lose their functionality, while static codes will continue to work. also allows you to create a large number of QR codes, easily customize their color and shape, upload logos and add frames.

The QR code generator developed by Bitly

QR Code Generator is a tool developed by Bitly, the link shortening service. This is another subscription-based service used to easily create QR codes. As with, you can create codes that lead to URL, vCard, text, email, SMS, Wi-Fi, bitcoin, PDF, mobile apps and media content .

A QR Code with a ZDNet logo above the words QR Generator

Image: Maria Diaz/ZDNet.

All you have to do is choose the right parameters and then enter the URL of the website or drop the file on the site. Then personalize and download the QR code. The process takes less than five minutes.

Screenshot of QR Code Generator home page showing options

Image: Bitly.

The site lets you create static QR codes for free, but you can sign up for a Pro account (which offers a 14-day free trial) to create dynamic codes with custom homepages. The tool also allows statistical monitoring.

Subscriptions (annual)) start from 5 to 37.50 euros per month.

QR Code Generator & QR Maker (iOS and Android)

QR Code Generator & QR Maker by Gulooloo Tech is a smartphone application available on iOS and Android.

QR Code with the words Scan Me and QR Code Generator mobile app

Image: Maria Diaz/ZDNet.

This application offers customizable templates. You can add photos, change colors and create QR codes as GIFs. There is a free version with ads. Otherwise, the subscription costs 2.50 euros per month or 52 euros for lifetime access.

Examples of customizing logos and colors using QR Code Generator & Maker

Image: Gulooloo Tech.

QR code for social media accounts

Social networks have become a basic marketing tool for companies and influencers. You can use QR codes that link to your personal or business profile on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat, and other services.

QR codes created in Instagram and TikTok.

Image: Maria Diaz/ZDNet.

Some services make it easier for you by allowing you to create a QR code from the application. These can be particularly useful for advertisements, events or other marketing needs.


How to make a payment by QR code?

Some pay stations have a QR code you can scan that will take you to the payment gateway. This can make it easier to switch to a contactless checkout.

But you can also configure a QR code directly linked to a service like PayPal. So you can send or request money quickly by scanning someone’s code with your smartphone camera.

Should I create a QR code for my business?

Cardboard business cards are gone. If they weren’t already dead, the pandemic finished them off.

Electronic business cards, vCards or Virtual Contact Files (VCF) are the new business cards. These VCF or VCARD files are created in the same format as a business card, with a name, address, email address, URL, images, and any other relevant personal or business information.

Most of the websites mentioned above allow users to create QR codes that lead to vCards.


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