how to cum with the breasts?

Yes, breast orgasm does exist. Stimulation of the breasts would activate the same region of the brain as genital stimulation and could provide insane pleasure. How to get it off with your breasts? We tell you everything.

While clitoral stimulation can cause orgasm, it is possible to achieve enjoyment by taking different routes. There are many erogenous zones: the neck, the mouth, the thighs … and the breasts! Moreover, stroking the nipples would activate the same area of ​​the brain requested during the stimulation of the clitoris. And it even has a name: the “boobgasm” or “nipplegasm” (in English), the mammary orgasm in French.

What is breast orgasm?

If for many the breast orgasm is a myth, it is enough to go to various forums, where many women testify to their ability to enjoy with simple caresses on the chest, to be convinced. “My boyfriend takes great care of my breasts and especially my nipples, which results in extremely intense orgasms (more intense than by stimulation of the clitoris), sometimes triggering after a few minutes, and very often multiple if he Do not stop “, testifies a young woman on the Doctissimo forum. “The other evening, I was even” in a trance “, I had never felt so much pleasure in my life, the orgasms were linked, I couldn’t take it anymore, I felt like I was imploding … “, she describes. “There are a lot of women who feel great pleasure from nipple stimulation”, confirm Alexia Bacouel, sex therapist. “Not all can, not all have the same relationship to the chest. It depends on how we are going to understand this breast: is it the nourishing breast? Is this something erotic? Is it painful, insensitive, or on the contrary extremely sensitive? “, asks the expert. Breast sensitivity can vary a lot depending on the woman and also the period of the menstrual cycle: a few days apart, the same stimulations can give very different effects, ranging from orgasm to discomfort, even pain. , when the breasts are in their most sensitive phase.

Breast orgasm: a scientific explanation

This phenomenon even has a scientific explanation. In 2011, a group of researchers published an article on this subject in The Journal of Sexual Medicine. They followed the brain activity of volunteers – mostly women – using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) while they were stimulating different parts of their body. They discovered that stimulating the nipples and breasts activated the same area of ​​the brain – the genital sensory cortex – as stimulating the clitoris, the cervix or the vagina. “A lot of women are going to talk about pleasure which is very close to the stimulation of the clitoris. Which makes sense since these are the same neurotransmitters that are being delivered at that time, and because these are the same areas of the brain that will be stimulated ”, comments sex therapist Alexia Bacouël. That the breast could also be enjoyable would therefore not be surprising.

In addition, nipple sucking leads to the production of oxytocin, the attachment hormone also released during breastfeeding. This is why some mothers explain that they have already felt intense pleasure when breastfeeding their children and sometimes feel embarrassed. This is the case with Cassandra *: “The first time I felt such a pleasure that ran through my whole body while I was breastfeeding, I wondered what was happening to me and I felt so guilty”, she tells us.

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Breasts, hypersexualized but forgotten during love

Women’s breasts are hypersexualized in our society. However, as feminist philosopher Camille Froidevaux-Metterie points out in a fascinating essay Breasts. In search of liberation (Ananmoza editions), there is a paradox: while the breasts play a role in love life and seduction in its early stages, they disappear in the sexual relationship. Once the relationship begins, the breasts are gently caressed and then completely forgotten. “But women’s breasts are really a place of possible pleasure and even the place of a possible orgasm for those who are lucky enough to be called upon as it should”, she declares in a Raw video.

This is also what confides the young woman who testifies on the forum: “The first time this happened to me I was extremely surprised, because I didn’t know that it was possible to have an orgasm just by stimulation of the nipples. I had already had intercourse, but my other partners had never lingered for long on this area, and therefore I did not know that such a reaction from my body was possible ”.

Feel pleasure thanks to your chest: the techniques

  • Take the time to stroke your chest

Take the time to explore the sensations in your body and in your breasts, whether or not this leads to an orgasm. Use massage oil or a natural lubricant if you wish and try different types of touch (fingertips, with a feather, etc.).

Start by caressing the areola then make pinches of different intensities on the nipples. If you squeeze the nipples harder, the rise in oxytocin is greater and the pleasure greater. You can also use the technique of rolling. Pinch the nipples at the root and roll them between your thumb and forefinger, varying the pressure. Focus on your breathing if your mind wanders.

  • Stimulate your breasts and clitoris

Some women need double stimulation to achieve orgasm, including clitoral and breast stimulation. Use your hands to stroke your body, until you find the combination that suits you. When you start to feel really turned on, slow down, and try to focus on your chest.

  • Communicate with your partner

Exploring your chest while stroking yourself can be an interesting avenue. But do not hesitate to tell your partner how you want to be caressed and ask him or her to linger a little more on the chest during sex (and not only for that matter).

  • Don’t put pressure on yourself

Above all, do not put enormous pressure on yourself. Enjoying breasts is not a goal in itself. “These are areas that can be discovered over time and then this notion of discovery is really essential. It is not because at that moment we cannot that it will not be possible at other times ”, recalls Alexia Bacouël. “The way we approach things psychologically is essential”.

Video by Clara Poudevigne