How to Customize Firefox Homepage on Android

If you’re using Android and want to switch browsers to something better and more secure than Google Chrome, you have several options. Among them is the open source browser Firefox.

Firefox offers you several levels of customization. In particular, you can customize the content of your home page. You can choose the minimalist version, with very little or no content. Or, you can load it with your bookmarks, recently visited pages or shortcuts, sponsored or not.

You can also customize the wallpaper of your home page, or even choose not to use it when opening the browser.

How to customize Firefox homepage on Android?

Required configuration

All you need is an Android device with the Firefox app installed and up to date.

The following demonstration is made with Firefox version 107 and a Google Pixel 7 running Android 13. You may have another device or another version of Android, but you will need the latest Firefox browser update.

Customize Home Page Elements

To customize what appears on your Firefox home page, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Firefox: swipe up to bring up the apps tray, locate firefox and open it.
  2. Access the personalization page: go to the very bottom of the Firefox homepage, and click on Customize the homepage to open the customization window.

The Customize Homepage button on Firefox.

Picture: Jack Wallen.

  1. Choose what you want to display: Disable any items you don’t want to appear on your homepage. For example, if you don’t want to see ads on your homepage, uncheck the sponsored shortcuts box.

The Firefox customize homepage window on Android 13.

You can even disable all shortcuts on your Firefox homepage. Picture: Jack Wallen.

  1. Change your wallpaper: you can also change your homepage wallpaper. To do this, click Wallpapers (about the middle of the list). Then, on the page that appears, select the wallpaper you want to use for your home page. It is not possible to upload a custom wallpaper and the selection is quite limited. However, if the default background color does not suit you, you can change it with one of the wallpapers offered.

    The Firefox homepage wallpaper selector.

    Picture: Jack Wallen.

    Choose your home

    Finally, you can choose the page that will be displayed when you open your browser. You have three options:

    • the home page, which you have just personalized;
    • the last tab opened during your previous session;
    • after four hours of inactivity, Firefox will open either the last used tab – if the browser was closed less than four hours before – or the home page.

    So here’s what you need to know to customize your Firefox homepage. There aren’t a plethora of options, but these can help you customize what you see when you open your Firefox browser on Android.


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