How to dress when you have a flat butt? 5 tips for a plump booty! : Current Woman The MAG

Do you dream of a sexy figure with a nice booty? No, it's not impossible even with a flat butt! Be smart because from underwear to clothes, there are many fashionable pieces that can help you achieve a nice butt. Follow the guide !

Rule n ° 1: choose the right underwear

No more tight-knit panties that compress your buttocks to flatten them even more. Cap on the shorty that hugs your curves without reducing them to highlight the natural volume of your buttocks. Are yours really very, very flat? Do not hesitate to cheat with a push-up shorty or "fake butt" panties for more plump buttocks in the blink of an eye and under any outfit. Sleeves can also help you by shaping the buttocks to lift them up and give them a more proud look. Clever lingerie pieces, however, to be reserved for winter because these very enveloping underwear could prove uncomfortable in the heat.

Rule n ° 2: focus on high waisted pieces

Whether you prefer a skirt or pants, the high waist is a sure-fire asset. Ideal for highlighting your discreet buttocks, the high waist cut lengthens the entire lower body and the sublime. She cuts the waistline and makes the butt look rounder than it really is. A boon !

Rule n ° 3: cheat casually with flared cuts

Nothing better than a fabric that gives volume to your buttocks lacking in bounce! Corolla skirt or skater dress, bet on models with a shape widened down to rebalance the silhouette and amplify the curves of your buttocks. An easy way to give the illusion of having the perfect booty!

Rule n ° 4: dare push up jeans

Denim can also be your ally, provided you never choose models with back pockets that are located below the buttocks at the risk of visually flattening your buttocks. Always prefer jeans with phigh loops that give a slight relief to your buttocks. But for a real volume boosting effect, push-up jeans will take care of your back! It shapes the buttock like no other and in addition it is now easily found in ready-to-wear collections. So why not give it a try?

Rule # 5: wear heels

Yes, this is a very simple trick to highlight your buttocks and make them look good! Put on pumps and heeled ankle boots to shape your booty as well as your calves: you will have a nice buttocks and you will enhance your legs.

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