How to eclipse dark circles? 20 products + tips and tricks

Lack of sleep, stress, overdose of connection to screens, junk food, alcohol, tobacco, … an explosive cocktail that reveals dark circles of fatigue. We tell you how to eradicate them with pro tips!

Care and actions that save

Joëlle Nonni, Avène skin care expert tells us the method to follow to remove dark circles that dull the eyes.

The bluish circles are an illustration of a blood circulation dysfunction, a build-up of blood pigments visible under the thin skin around the eye area. Most often, a poor lifestyle, but genetics and advancing age can also be the reason. If we can not modify its heredity, we can act on the quality of the skin and reboost the drainage guaranteeing an unscathed look.

The basic rule is to carry out a delicate make-up removal morning and evening, particularly in the evening to clear the space, if not upon waking up, beware of the discovery of a distressed eye area (irritation, redness, tightness). It is the first preventive reflex not to be neglected in order to limit the damage!


• We mist the eye area with a mist of thermal water, spray close to the face, by practicing back and forth horizontally at eye level for one to two minutes. Objective: a bath of softness which combines the soothing action of thermal water rich in minerals and trace elements and the ultra delicate spray of microdroplets which gently stimulates the epidermis. Then using a cotton ball, dry the skin.

• We apply a specific eye cream of course, but not without a suitable massage, THE virtuous combo to eliminate vascular dark circles.

The choice of treatment : The skin around the eye is extremely fragile and vulnerable, it needs complete formula, well hydrating, soothing, draining and anti-aging while to do (hyaluronic acid, dextran sulfate, peptides, caffeine, panthenol, …).

The right massage : With the pulp of the ring finger, we apply 3 pressures at the base of the nose then light pressure from the inner corner of the eye up to the temples. We practice 3 more pressures at the level of the inner corner of the eye and we roll the fingers as if they were making waves on the surface of the skin towards the outer corner to drain well. Then we place our thumbs flat at the level of the head of the eyebrows under the brow bone and we apply small pressure to their tip.


• We are removes make-up with the greatest care to avoid the risk of ignition due to impurities. Gentle formula and delicate gestures are essential.

• Then, we realize a real care ritual: a massage performed with makeup brushes with the key a draining and soothing action not insignificant at the end of the day. You start by applying your eye cream to nourish the skin with its active ingredients, then using two flat brushes, press the skin at the inner corner of each eye. Then we exert light pressure under the eyes and we finish by smoothing the skin from the inner corner to the outer corner. For the upper part of the eyes, position the brushes at each internal corner, press to pump and apply light pressure following the brow bone to the level of the temples.

The SOS helping eye in distress

Dark circles very marked with a feeling of tightness? the solution: a shot of freshness! Know it, the cold is a real ally to boost blood circulation at half mast. Compresses impregnated with thermal water are placed in the freezer for 3 minutes maximum, which are then placed on the eyes for 10 minutes, with closed eyelids. Result, a fresh decongestant effect and a massive infusion of soothing thermal water.


Charlélie Mereu, make-up artist Head of Education Europe and France Make Up For Ever gives us her tips to give the illusion of a dazzling smooth look.

3 steps are essential to orchestrate this magic trick. It is imperative to work on the color and the hollow of the dark circles to illuminate the eye area.

1 / Neutralize

The remedy is based on a tinted corrector whose role is to cancel the color of dark circles.

Small chromatic guide in order to choose it well: if the underside of the eye is bluish, we hide it with an orange corrector, if it tends towards purple or brown, we put on a yellow corrector.

• Pay attention to the choice of texture, especially in case of dry skin, the more fluid and melting it is, the better, to avoid fine lines.

We apply it with a brush, the ideal tool for targeting dark circles! Then we tap with the pulp of the finger to melt the material and merge it with the skin.

2 / Unify

Enter the concealer, its role is to standardize the contour of the eye.

The right shade to apply? a semitone below the skin tone. It is placed in three points under the eye, one at the inner corner, one under the middle of the eye on the hollow of the dark circles and one at the outer corner often slightly red. With the help of a brush, it is gently blended. It is better that his texture is very fluid, satiny and moisturizing to stretch it without dislodging the previously installed corrector. Finally, always using the brush, you tap to fix it, a small crucial gesture that also allows you to remove the excess material, to avoid a mask effect!

3 / Illuminate

Make way for the illuminator whose mission is to reshape the hollow of dark circles, which tires the eyes, by a light effect. For an app worthy of a pro, face facing a mirror, you lower your head slightly while looking in front of you, so you can locate dark areas. It suffices to apply the material to blur and erase them.

The extra trick

We do not forget to highlight the brow bone and the point of height of the eyebrow, so if we divert the attention upwards.

Anti-dark circles nutrition

• We drink a lot of water, staying well hydrated is the key to beautiful skin, especially the skin around the eyes, thin and fragile. A glass of water every hour is the right tempo for optimal drainage, to avoid poor blood circulation and the appearance of dark circles.

• We eat fruits and vegetables, fish, where there are antioxidants and vitamins (E, A, C, K) to ensure good vascularization of the skin. On the menu, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, salmon, tuna, sardines, oranges, blueberries, goji berries,…).

• Avoid eating too much salt. If salt is a flavor enhancer, in excess it contributes to water retention which rhymes with blood circulation at half-mast, the number 1 enemy of dark circles.

• We limit alcohol. Champagne, wines and spirits should be consumed in moderation. Abusing them dehydrates, therefore abuses the blood flow, moreover their sugar content disrupts cell regeneration, resulting in a dull complexion and dark circles.

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