How to fix your screen in height?

Placing your screen on a piece of furniture has become old-fashioned, since it is only possible to fix it to the wall. It must be recognized that a fixed screen is much more attractive and adds a touch of special class to your interior. However, there are a number of factors to consider before deciding to fix your TV. How high to place it and how to do it? Here are our tips to help you mount your TV perfectly.

How high should you put your TV?

It is difficult to define a standard height at which to fix your screen since various factors come into play. Nevertheless, there are some simple and logical tips for properly arranging your screen on an adjustable TV wall mount or other. It is necessary to consider among other things the dimensions of the screen or to ensure visual comfort by the gaze test.

Visual comfort

Placing your screen high means that you will often have to tilt your head back to get a better view. You must therefore manage to find the ideal height that offers you the best ease. You must for example take into account the size of the screen or the distance separating you from it. These different data will inform you about the appropriate height. Also, you can do a simple test by sitting comfortably in the direction of where your TV will be placed. The place where your eyes instinctively land effortlessly is the ideal height to mount your TV.

Screen dimensions

Considering screen dimensions is a tip recommended by experts. The first step is to first take the measurements of the height of the screen. Then, you have to hang it so that most of the whole thing is within your overall reach. This is the best position to avoid straining your eyes while enjoying your TV. It is important to follow these instructions otherwise you risk back or neck pain problems. Do not neglect this step since once fixed, the screen will remain there for a long time. Always put your health and well-being first.

What to fix your TV with?

There are different mounting systems for your screen, each with its own specificities. These are the tilting stand, the fixed stand and the swivel stand. The tilting support, as its name suggests, offers the possibility to its user to correct it at any time. Fixing the screen in a given position is not definitive and can be modified at any time. The fixed support on its side is the total opposite of the fixing previously mentioned, because it is unchangeable. Its attachment is permanent, that is to say it can no longer be modified, but has the advantage of being easy to install and almost invisible. Finally, the adjustable support is the latest on the market. It is practical in its function and offers the possibility to its user to turn the screen to have a better view. It cannot be rotated as much as the tilt attachment, but can be easily changed to suit the user’s seating position.

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