how to get the exceptional check of 200 euros

The government is introducing a new exceptional energy check, the amount of which can reach 200 euros. To meet the defined criteria for this aid, it will be necessary to earn up to 2260 euros for a single person and up to 4750 euros for a couple with two children. The steps will be taken on the website.

She arrives, right before Christmas. The French who warm themselves with wood are going to benefit from a assistance between 50 and 200 euros by the end of the year. Granted under conditions of resources, this wood boost, after that given to users of fuel oil for example or the general reduction on the liter of gasoline, will be available from December 22 on the site Only the teledeclarant number, used to declare their taxes online, will be requested.

French people who earn up to 2,260 euros for a single person and up to 4,750 euros for a couple with two children will be able to apply, said the Minister of Public Accounts Gabriel Attal in an interview with Parisian publishes Sunday, November 27.

Prices up 80%

Parliament finally adopted the amended budget for 2022 in the Senate on Friday, which includes this envelope of 230 million euros for households heating with wood. To justify this aid, a socialist deputy had defended an amendment which referred to a strong increase in demand for wood: in six months, sales of wood pellets have doubled in France. At the same time, some retailers are suspected of restricting their sales volumes to drive prices up, with some local elected officials reporting full warehouses. This shortage, which may have been organized, caused prices to jump by an average of 80% in one year and closed a galaxy of scams via fake sales sites.

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This assistance for wood heating is part of the government strategy to support households this winter in the face of the rising cost of living and energy. No fewer than five aids are available depending on the profile. In particular, the exceptional energy check, ranging from 100 to 200 euros, will be paid by the end of the year to some 12 million households.

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