how to have a flat stomach with this effective exercise?


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Hypopressive abs make it possible to work the abdominals in depth and to have a flat stomach. How to make them? Advice from Blanche, sports coach at Fitness Park.

Who doesn’t dream of having a strong abdominal belt and why not, chocolate bars? To get a flat stomach and most importantly, a strong core, hypopressive abs can help. “Hypopressive abs allow you to work the abdominal strap in depth and strengthen it”, explains Blanche, sports coach at Fitness Park. “It’s the counterexample of the traditional crunch (you know, the exercise of raising your chest with your hands on your neck, editor’s note) that many people continue to do at the gym or at home.” When you do a crunch, you strengthen what the coach calls the surface abs. “So we can get aesthetic results quickly, but that doesn’t mean our core is strong.” To strengthen it, sheathing or hypopressive abs are the ideal solution.

Why bet on hypopressive abs?

Strengthening your abs, thanks in particular to this hypopressive abdominal technique, is however the most important thing. to have a body and above all a strong centert. They have multiple benefits:

  • They work the perineum and transverse : “These are very important deep muscles because they support the spine and the organs. This is why hypopressive abs are recommended after rehabilitation of the perineum of women who have just given birth”.
  • They allow to strengthen the back and the body in general.
  • They prevent multiple injuries by strengthening and strengthening the abdominal strap in depth.
  • “If you’re bloated, they can help regulate bowel movement and reduce the bloated feeling.”
  • They make it possible to refine the silhouette and improve posture.

How to achieve hypopressive abs?

It’s quite simple on the surface, but it can be more difficult than it seems. The goal during the exercise is to lengthen the spine: the opposite of crunches where you push the organs down. This can also cause incontinence or even descent of organs in the most serious cases. Exit poorly executed crunches, bet on hypopressive abs. “Lie on your back and relax. Bend your legs and bring them towards your buttocks, take a deep breath in, expanding your stomach and hold for a few seconds. Then, exhale trying to bring your navel to your spine”, explains the sports coach. It is a work related to breathing and mindfulness. “You have to try to lie down by contracting the perineum and the transverse muscle in depth.”

How often to perform hypopressive abs? I recommend taking 5 minutes at the end of each session sports to do them. At least twice a week. Do 5 to 10 breaths, that’s more than enough because the exercise is very intense.”

Hypopressive abs and stomach vacuum, what are the differences?

The hypopressive abs and stomach vacuum are different techniques. “Let’s say that hypopressive abs are rather made for beginners and if you want to go further, you can try stomach vacuuming. The goal? Raise the navel under the ribs.” When you practice it a lot, it lifts the organs. This is the stage above hypopressive abs. This exercise, like any sports practice, requires regular training to be mastered and that its benefits are felt and visible. So don’t be in a hurry, take your time, and be patient.

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