how to highlight it?

In view of its specificities, dark skin needs a very special beauty routine. Objective: put all the chances on your side to sublimate it like never before!

From the lightest skin tones to the darkest skin tones: There are almost as many skin types and colors as there are ways to care for it. Each shade has its characteristics! Indeed, even if the structure of the skin remains the same whatever its color, certain elements differ – like the amount of melanin that composes it – which has a direct impact on the needs of the skin and the way it is which it reacts to its environment.
Your skin is dark and you want to adapt to what characterizes it in order to better magnify it? This article is made for you. Here, we tell you everything you need to know to unlock the full potential of your skin. But before that, learn to understand it better!

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What characterizes dark skin?

The more you know your skin, the more you will be able to sublimate it! If yours is matte – in other words, not quite light, not really dark – that means several things. Already, dark skin is known to contain a relatively high level of melanin, which allows them to better resist the sun and to tan faster. Be careful, however, contrary to what many may think, this does not mean that they do not need to be protected from the harmful effects of UV rays, on the contrary! All the more prone to pigment spots, dark skin marks easily and needs protection.
Moreover, there is more to this than what this type of skin is particularly exposed to: spots, pimples, acne, hormonal disorder… The major problem facing dark skin is undoubtedly the dehydration. Indeed, unlike other types of skin, the latter does not adapt very well to the western climate (temperate and dry) and therefore dries out much faster. These are all the reasons why you should adopt a beauty routine of the most adapted to the needs of your dark skin!

How to take care of your dark skin?

You will understand: with dark skin, you should not ignore daily hydration, which it lacks most of the time. In fact, this is even the most essential step in making your skin glow with beauty. Without hydration, dark skin is just a shadow of itself, with, it shows itself! To hydrate your skin as it should be, there are many products available to you. Of course, you can also bet on natural treatments! The aloe vera, for example, is a plant with a thousand and one virtues that will perfectly suit your dark skin and hydrate it deeply.

Beyond hydration, as dark skin tends to be mixed to oily in nature and is more prone to the appearance of various imperfections, know that it is essential to clean your face well in the morning and evening. In addition, we also recommend the use of cosmetic products (serum, mattifying cream, etc.), which will best address the needs of your skin. On a regular basis, you should also remember to exfoliate your face using a gentle, non-abrasive product that will be effective without damaging your skin. Once a week, why not also make a mask adapted to the nature of your dark skin, in order to rebalance the production of sebum, for example? If you are a fan of the natural, know that black seed oil, clay, or even tea tree essential oil, are very good purifying solutions.

  • Other specific care

As your darker skin is one of the most likely to see dark spots, we also recommend that you use high-factor sun protection – when you are in the sun – and lighter sun protection every day – under your makeup or on your bare skin – when you go out during the day.
Finally, even if dark skin is known to better resist skin aging, nothing prevents you from incorporating anti-aging treatment after the age of thirty into your beauty routine. Know that vitamin C is an excellent active ingredient that will allow you to protect your skin from free radicals, reduce sun damage and prevent skin aging, even reduce superficial wrinkles, all this: thanks to its high content in antioxidants.
By following all of these tips, your dark skin – already sublime in nature – can only be even more beautiful naturally!

How to make up your dark skin?

Now that we've covered the characteristics of dark skin and the care it needs most, let's take a look at the art of makeup! It's a fact: you don't apply makeup to darker skin the same way you would with lighter or darker skin. There are actually a lot of tips and good actions to know in order to sublimate this particular type of skin. Now, step by step, we take you through the ideal beauty treatment for your skin:

While many think that darker to darker skin tone is easier to put on makeup than lighter skin tone, the truth is, it isn't. There are two reasons for this: first, be aware that dark skin tends to turn gray easily if the right products or the right shades are not used. Then, for a long time, people with this type of complexion had a hard time finding makeup products for the complexion suited to them … Fortunately, for a few years now, cosmetics for dark to dark skin have multiplied on the market! However, there are still a few rules to know for an even more sublime complexion makeup for dark skin:

First and foremost, we advise you to start with hydration, which, we remind you, is absolutely essential to display beautiful dark skin. For the nature of your skin, a moisturizing and mattifying cream seems best suited: the latter will not only allow you to smooth the texture of your skin, but also to fix your complexion for the day.
For the choice of face powder, be aware that it is better to choose a shade slightly above your skin tone than below, since darker skin tones turn gray and dull on contact with a lighter color. To be sure not to go wrong, try the shade on your jawbones, rather than on the back of your hand, the result will be more accurate!
On the side of the powder, you have to have a light hand, otherwise – with your dark skin – the mask effect is guaranteed. Choose the same shade as the foundation and apply it sparingly, paying particular attention to the T zone (forehead, nose, chin). So you will keep a pretty complexion glowy, which is clearly the one that most appeals to dark skin.
Let's move on at corrector : if you want to hide some imperfections, we recommend orange tones, perfect for your skin tone. For the concealer, a slightly orange, even apricot, material applied sparingly will also ideally do the trick!
Side sunbathe, bet on golden or discreetly iridescent undertones, which will highlight the natural beauty of your skin. Finally, with regard to the blush, this time it is the peachy tones that will give you a healthy glow in all circumstances!

To finish off the complexion – although this is arguably the most important step in makeup – remember that your dark skin tone is sublime by nature! In summer, especially, no need to camouflage it, opt instead on a tinted cream or a BB cream that will highlight its natural radiance!

For eye makeup, with pretty matte skin like yours, know that you can afford anything! But in general, we recommend that you opt for eye shadows in warm, copper or iridescent tones, which will match your skin color perfectly. Of course, you can also refer to that of your eyes, another indicator that is important.

  • Lip makeup

On the lip side, dare the color! Apricot lipstick, red lipstick, carmine lipstick, pink lipstick, fuchsia lipstick… So many shades that will enhance your dark skin. We can't repeat it enough, but with a matte complexion like yours: warm undertones are really your best allies. To finish with the makeup, know that the rendering glossy is on you to fall!

What hair color to enhance your dark skin?

Let's tackle now the subject of coloring : know that there are endless possibilities available to you if you want to highlight your dark skin. Here again, warm colors will sublimate you… So, why not opt ​​for a chocolate color, a golden brown, a mahogany color, a Venetian blond color, a pretty copper, an auburn color…? We were telling you: when it comes to hair too, you are spoiled for choice!
If you don't want to completely change your hair color, the balayage technique or the ombre hair technique will give you a result that is both very natural and just as sublime. Playing with colors by sprinkling your hair with subtle warm touches will only enhance your matte skin tone even more!

Ombre blond hair: all you need to know about this coloring that illuminates the hair

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