How to increase your income with the SCPI?

With rising inflation, the French are desperate to increase their income. Changing jobs is obviously not always a possibility, so do not hesitate to invest your money well because savings can be a source of additional income. The best current investment to increase income is undoubtedly the purchase of shares in real estate investment companies (SCPI). How to increase your income by investing in SCPI shares? Here is the answer thanks to an encrypted example.

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Why should you increase your income in times of inflation?

  • Because rising prices erode purchasing power

The waltz of labels, especially that of common products such as food, is faster than that of wages. As a result, the purchasing power of households decreases, which weighs on morale.

  • Increasing your income provides a welcome financial boost

In order to receive income in line with the rate of inflation, that is to say no longer losing purchasing power, it is important to invest your money well if you cannot increase your salary.

As noted Lionel Benhamouone of the founding partners of The Central SCPI (, the leading French digital savings network: “Among the customers who call us on, many are retired or civil servants. Under these conditions, the only way that exists for them to increase their income is to benefit from passive income, that is to say, annuities indexed to inflation. This is why they massively invest their money in performance SCPIs. »

Why buying SCPIs increases your income ?

  • Because SCPIs earn more than inflation

The best performance SCPIs bring in around 6% net per year in the form of additional income paid in rent. This performance remains higher than that of inflation over the last twelve months.

  • Because real estate prices can increase over time

The value of an SCPI share is also likely to increase over time. Indeed, if real estate prices rise, the value of the SCPI share will also rise. In addition to receiving rents, the saver will therefore see his capital potentially rise.

  • Because it is possible to buy performance SCPIs on credit

Mortgage loans are taken out at a fixed rate. Since interest rates are still very attractive, it is easy to take advantage of inflation to reduce your outstanding credit year after year. As the monthly payments are fixed, unlike the dividends paid monthly or quarterly by SCPIs, investors will automatically increase their income.

Increase your income thanks to SCPIs: the example of a portfolio of 75,000 euros

This example comes from the SCPI portfolio made by Laurent Fagesmanager within The Central SCPI (

The latter recalls that this investor wanted to invest in SCPI after having sold a rental apartment which caused him a lot of hassle: “My client wanted to collect income without any management constraints by increasing his purchasing power. I therefore advised him to buy three SCPIs in equal parts yielding 6% per year: the SCPI Vendome Regions, the SCPI Activimmo and SCPI Cœur de Régions. »

  • SCPI Vendôme Régions, managed by Norma Capital

The SCPI Vendome Regions is a SCPI France. Vendome Regions is a diversified SCPI (offices, retail premises, business premises) which holds 22% of its assets in Île-de-France and 78% in the regions.

Vendome Regions yielded 5.91% to its shareholder shareholders in 2021 and its share price has just been revalued from 655 euros to 670 euros. Vendome Regions is therefore a safe bet in the world of SCPIs.

  • SCPI Activimmo, managed by Alderan

The SCPI Activimmo is a logistics SCPI (urban logistics, logistics warehouses, business premises, transport logistics) whose assets are located both in Île-de-France (16%) and in the provinces (84%).

Due to the tremendous growth of e-commerce, Activimmo served a return of 6.02% to its unitholder partners last year. Activimmo is therefore indeed one of the best SCPIs.

  • SCPI Cœur de Régions, managed by Sogenial

The SCPI Heart of Regions is also a French SCPI whose assets are located 14% in Île-de-France and 86% in the regions. With 45% offices, 38% business premises and 17% retail, Heart of Regions is a diversified SCPI.

Its diversification enabled it to offer a return of 6.43% to its partners last year. For 2022, Sogenial anticipates a return of 6.40% which would also place the SCPI Heart of Regions in the very closed circle of the best SCPIs.

Increasing your income thanks to performance SCPIs is therefore simple. This objective is also within reach of all budgets since it is possible to build up a diversified SCPI portfolio with a few thousand euros.

As the price of SCPI shares is the same regardless of the distribution channel, do not hesitate to approach SCPI specialists, such as those of The Central SCPI (, the first SCPI comparator on the market.

Rather than placing your money on a life insurance contract in euros which causes its holders to lose purchasing power, it is highly more profitable to invest in SCPIs in order to put butter in your spinach. That’s what all the French are looking for, isn’t it?


Investment in an SCPI is not guaranteed, both from the point of view of the dividends received and that of the preservation of capital. SCPIs depend on fluctuations in the real estate markets.

Before any decision to purchase SCPI shares, seek professional advice to be certain that this investment corresponds to your asset profile.

Finally, like any real estate investment, take into account the fact that SCPIs are long-term investments whose minimum holding period cannot be less than eight years.

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