How to look good despite the gray?


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If summer generally has the charm of giving us a nice tan, back to school quickly took it away from us with the change in weather giving way to clouds. There is no question of giving up the idea of ​​keeping a tanned summer complexion, here are the good reflexes to adopt to avoid the gray face!

We maintain our holiday tan

There’s nothing like taking care of your vacation tan to keep your face looking the best for as long as possible. While good hydration is obviously mandatory whether you want to stay tanned or not, the way you take care of your existing tan can really make the difference in maintaining a tanned complexion despite the return of the gray. First of all, don’t skip regular scrubs (this is one of the main beauty mistakes when you get back from vacation) because even if you want to stay tanned, it is important to remove dead skin cells to that your tan remains even and radiant, and that your skin regenerates properly. If a simple moisturizer can be enough to effectively hydrate your skin every day, the best when you want to keep your healthy glow, is to opt for so-called “tan extender” treatments which are specifically designed to preserve your tan as much as possible.

Tanning Extensions to Try:

Finally, if the weather for the start of the school year fluctuates, of course, very often between greyness and meteorological whims (showers, gales), it generally still offers us a few appreciable hours of sunshine. Do not hesitate to let your skin take advantage of it to revive your tan, always in moderation and by putting on sunscreen to prevent the harmful effects of UV of course.

We eat smart!

It is well known that we are what we eat. And if you want to display a radiant complexion, it is essential to review your eating habits a little when the weather turns bad, especially if you do not naturally adopt a balanced diet on a daily basis.

  • To keep a golden skin, it is indeed advisable to consume fruits and vegetables, but not just any: those which are rich in beta-carotene. This natural pigment, which is an antioxidant from the carotenoid family (yes, carrots contain it), can indeed allow you to color your skin from the inside out to avoid losing your tan as soon as you return to school. Present in large quantities in certain plants, it is a pigment which is at the origin of the yellow-orange or red color of fruits and vegetables, and which, when consumed in sufficient quantity, can also preserve your good looks. . So remember to include good doses of tomatoes, apricots, sweet potatoes, mango, carrots, melon and pumpkin in your back-to-school menus! It’s less well known because of their green color, but romaine salad, lettuce and spinach are also vegetables rich in this antioxidant which naturally tans the skin. You will therefore be spoiled for choice to vary the culinary pleasures while maintaining your good looks.
  • If you are less assiduous on the plate side, also know that certain food supplements can allow you to consume a sufficient dose of beta-carotene without you having to integrate these famous fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Tanning food supplements to test:

Keep in mind that these solutions will allow you to preserve the tan you obtained during the holidays more than to tan intensely without sun, but they can subtly color your skin which is already very useful when you want to display a healthy glow.

We put on the self-tan …

To compensate for the lack of sun and tan your skin without resorting to its gentle rays, do not hesitate to invest in a self-tanner for the face that will allow you to artificially preserve your tan, and even to create it from A to Z to your convenience. The must to give yourself a good look without risking betraying the illusion offered by this type of product? Liquid self-tanners to integrate into moisturizers that are used at the rate of just a few drops mixed in your usual care. Easier to apply than classic self-tanners for the face, these clever self-tanners allow you to obtain a light and progressive tan that perfectly mimics a natural tan. Limiting the risk of traces, these clever self-tanners are specially designed to allow you to measure the intensity of your fake tan very easily. You just have to adapt the number of drops added to your usual moisturizer according to your daily expectations. To be sure to guarantee you the most natural results, the ideal is to start by using the minimum number of drops of product before adding a little more to the second application to perfect your tan. So, no risk of being too tanned, and you look good!

Self-tanning drops for the face to try:

The big advantage of self-tanners is that these products offer a radiant complexion without make-up and therefore leave the skin texture to the fore for those who do not like to cover it up.

… or we wear tan makeup

If you are not a fan of self-tanners, you can also count on the sunshine effect of certain makeup products to give your complexion a little boost. Unsurprisingly, sun powder is the go-to makeup product for a healthy glow in just a few brushstrokes. To be applied to strategic areas of the face such as the forehead, cheekbones, nose but also the chin (which are in fact the bulging areas of the face and therefore those which tan the fastest under the effect of the rays) using with a large brush whose generous puff of bristles will distribute the powder as well as possible, it works miracles to brown the mine on a daily basis. If the brands offer a multitude of shades of powder, some have the good idea to offer products that suit all skin tones. It is then enough to choose a powder of a shade which is one to two tones more sustained than the natural skin tone to be sure not to darken your complexion too much. But rest assured if you do not like makeup in powder form, there are also tanning makeup offering other galenics such as tinted gels or bronzers in sticks.

Tanning makeup products to test:

10 pro tips to prolong your tan:

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