How to make a gift of money for a wedding

Put money in and closed envelope? Can be done, does not have to be. A gift of money for a wedding can be packed very original with creativity and joy. We present you with ideas – to make yourself or to buy.

Weddings are not only something special for the newlyweds, the invited guests are also looking forward to celebrating this event with the happy couple. In order to further sweeten the start of married life for the newlyweds, guests bring loving gifts with them. Sometimes a bridal couple would like money for the wedding or you would like to give money yourself and thus support the purchase of a house, the honeymoon or starting a family.

Giving money – that doesn’t sound very personal at first, but it doesn’t have to be! On the one hand, the couple can really use the money (even weddings are usually expensive!) and on the other hand, money gifts for the wedding can be designed creatively and individually – so that it also suits the couple.

We present you with creative ideas on how to wrap gifts of money: from simple and fun to original craft ideas to possible gift ideas to buy and fill.

Wedding money gift – made easy

A wedding gift doesn’t have to be expensive to be personal. These beautiful ideas prove it:

Picture Frame

A picture frame with banknotes is now one of the classic money gifts. No wonder, since this can be individually designed!

  • You can simply fold the banknotes into hearts and stick them next to each other (e.g. with adhesive strips).
  • Alternatively, fold the bills into a dress and a shirt with a tie.
  • An equally nice idea: In the middle you write the names of those who want to marry and their wedding day. Around it you place flowers – some artificial and some made of bills.
  • The possibilities for designing a picture frame are countless. A photo of the couple is also a great idea, and a small garland with banknotes runs across the picture.

metal ring

What also works is a metal ring into which you pull decorative ribbons. You attach the money to these, or you embellish the ring with the macrame technique – this way the couple can later hang it up in the common house (you can find instructions for such a DIY wall decoration here).


A similarly beautiful idea is to place the money on a canvas. This can be an already printed canvas or one you have painted, a nice saying for the wedding and/or congratulations are really good.


So that the two stay safe in the marriage port: Decorate an anchor with banknotes and write a short personal dedication or name and date on it.


In addition to the banknotes, you put a few fun objects in it, maybe a lucky pig, heart-shaped candy, etc.

Motif box

You don’t need a lot of handicraft talent for this gift. Obtain a Theme Cardboard Box and fill it with folded bills and a little greeting!

gravel box

Mice, moss, gravel – and of course a few real bills conjure up an eye-catcher without much effort.

Money gifts for handicrafts

Making a wedding gift is a beautiful gesture. The following ideas can be made yourself and only require a little finesse:


Wow, that makes an impression: butterflies flying out of a candy jar,

Vase with money flowers

The vase is quickly procured, then flowers need to be made out of bills. The couple will have something of these blossoms for a long time to come.

rain of money

A different kind of rescue parachute! The money is attached to the struts of the umbrella – the bridal couple certainly has nothing against these weather conditions.

mini garden

Are you looking for a fun and unusual gift? A herb garden will certainly make the bridal couple laugh, but also other guests.

Suitcase full of money

A small (toy) suitcase is the perfect monetary gift for a wedding: fill it with sand, shells and coins. Optional: message in a bottle. Money could also be easily accommodated here.


Above all, diaper cakes are known and popular as gifts. For a gift of money for the wedding, however, the idea is just as wonderful!

hot air balloon

The newlyweds are probably on cloud nine anyway, so a hot air balloon is sure to be a hit. You can find out how to make a hot air balloon here.

gravel can

It doesn’t matter whether the couple has a home with or without a garden, because they are guaranteed to be happy about a gravel can.

cash flow

A faucet from which money flows? Perfect for the start of married life, right?!

explosion box

An explosion box is something very special! Those who take the time for this loving design and don’t shy away from the work show the bridal couple how important they are to you. The design of the box is entirely up to you, in the middle there could also be a small folding box with money or a small paper wedding cake.

Psst: If you have two left hands, you can also buy a ready-made explosion box!

Easy peasy! Gifts of money to buy

If time is short, it sometimes makes sense to buy something ready-made to keep the effort low. Consider these ideas:

money box

The good old piggy bank – why not! About a stuffed money box The newly married couple is definitely looking forward to it. In addition, money boxes can also be individually designed, e.g. B. with the names of the two.

Piggy bank with counter

How much to the million? Hm, well, maybe that’s too much of a good thing! Nevertheless, the two can measuring cup see their savings grow.


instead of one canvas to write on yourself, you also have the option of buying a pre-printed one. With some online providers, the motifs can be freely selected!


A wedding pillow is easily available online. All you have to do is roll and attach the bills – and the wedding gift is ready!

Engraved glasses

champagne glasses make a good impression with their beautiful shape. An engraving gives them a personal touch. You can fold the money and put it in, maybe fill it up with some sand or decorative sand beforehand.

Personalized Treasure Chest

A small Treasure chest with personal dedication looks elegant and later fits well into every household – and will always be a nice memory of the wedding.

Folding banknotes – which figures are there?

Your gift ideas will become original eye-catchers with the folding technique! Banknotes can be folded e.g. to:

  • Heart
  • butterfly
  • Dress
  • Shirt
  • Necktie
  • trousers
  • balloons
  • Ship
  • Fish
  • candles
  • roses
  • tulips

Here we explain how you can fold banknotes into a heart. You can find more instructions on this, for example, on Pinterest!

How much do you give for a wedding?

How high the amount should be depends on various aspects:

  • How close is the relationship?
  • How is the celebration?
  • Does the guest have to travel from far away?
  • What about the guest’s finances in general?

You are invited because the couple wants you to be there at the wedding – the gift is irrelevant. And nobody will be upset if the amount is not very large.

If you have a close family or friendship relationship, the amount of money can be higher. In the case of colleagues or acquaintances, this is definitely lower. Even if you are a student, trainee or similar. at the time of the wedding, who is not expected to donate a large sum.

If the guest has a relatively long journey and bears all of the costs themselves, the gift of money should not overdo it either. After all, the person spared a lot of time and no effort to be there at the wedding despite everything.

If the celebration takes place on a small scale, e.g. B. Run-of-the-mill restaurant around the corner, the gift of money is not as generous as at a big celebration in a noble location.

  • Acquaintance/colleague/student: 30 to 50 euros
  • Good friends: from 50 euros upwards
  • Close family: from 100 euros and up

Tip: The costs for a guest at the wedding (per capita costs) have established themselves as a guide to the monetary gift amount. However, the range is very large and can easily be between 35 and 150 euros.

Sayings for gifts of money for the wedding

Getting married and want a nice way to let your guests know that you’d rather have money than things? No problem! With these nice sayings, nobody can resist wanting to make you happy:

  • Dear guests, please be so kind, our household is complete. If you want to make us happy, let our piggy bank laugh.” (Unknown)
  • If you’re wondering, ‘What should I buy?’, you don’t have to pull your hair out. Leave plates, cups, pots and put something in the envelope!” (Unknown)
  • “If the question about gifts comes up, we ask you to consider that we didn’t have much time to save when we were young. We would prefer something to come into our savings stockings.” (Unknown)
  • We invite you, you will think: ‘What can you give the newlyweds?’ The household effects are already complete, and the apartment is very nice. Pocket money for the young couple to honeymoon around the wide world.” (Unknown)

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