How to make an easy and quick bun yourself?

Want to change your head without going to the hairdresser? The bun is the perfect hairstyle to spice up your look. For every day, we put on a bun easy to do yourself. Too complicated ? No worries. Find out how to quickly create hot looks adapted to your hair length thanks to our tutorials found on Pinterest. And to fill up on ideas, we've selected some quick and easy updos that are stylish.

How to make an easy and quick bun yourself?

Brushing a little past, special occasion or just want to change your style? Now is the time to pull off your prettiest bun. The trick to sporting a pretty hairstyle without pulling your hair out is to invest in an easy-to-make bun pattern. Advice.

Easy bun: the tutorial

There are many quick and easy updos to do at home. To choose a suitable hairstyle, you must take into account the length of your hair. Discover all our tips for displaying a bun that looks good!

  • How to make an easy bun on medium hair?

The first example of an easy bun to do on a bob or a lob is the bun, also called a high bun. In a few minutes (and even without a mirror), it clears the face. To achieve this bun so easy that it is on all heads, you must provide an elastic, a donut or a sausage if you have one, but it is not mandatory, two clips, a few pins and hair spray. light fixing. We can then accessorize your bun with a scrunchie for a very fashionable hair look, or succumb to the scarf fashion to give the hairstyle a vintage effect that we love. Finally, we never tire of the bun in its fuzzy version, which is even easier to achieve, since all you need to do is let a few strands escape here and there to achieve a messy-styled effect, the favorite style of Parisians.

The easy bun tutorial n ° 1: the bun bun in video, step by step:

Before making the bun, prepare the hair with a few sprays of a light veil of lacquer that you brush. Thanks to the product, the material takes shape and becomes even easier to work with. The hair is then separated into two parts so that there is a first parting towards the front and a second towards the back. We then make a high ponytail with the back part that is fixed with an elastic. Then we bring the part before that we incorporate into the ponytail. If you have a blood sausage, now is the time to use it. It allows you to wear a harmonious and smooth bun since the ponytail is wrapped around the accessory. Then we fix everything with pins.

Video by Melissa Sekkal

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

  • How to make an easy bun on short hair?

On short hair, the great classic is to opt for a loose bun. The principle ? A loose bun, escaping pretty wavy locks. Depending on the length of the hair, you can place it higher or lower on the head. This is arguably one of the most successful updos. And for good reason, it adapts to all lengths and remains very easy to do. For a beauty look right on trend, we will focus on relaxed waves that are both chic and modern. To achieve this bun, you need to arm yourself with a curling iron, an elastic band, pliers and several pins. At each step, you can spray a veil of lacquer for better support.

The easy bun tutorial n ° 2: the fuzzy bun, step by step

There are 1001 techniques for making a hazy bun. This one offers a quite elegant two-step version of this hairstyle. Perfect for an occasion, a wedding or a special evening. To start, we separate the hair into two parts, one brought towards the front of the face, the second towards the back of the head. Then we form a ponytail with the back part that you roll up on itself before fixing it with pins. Then we curl the strands of the front part with an iron, then we go back to the back of the head. You can spray on a little hairspray beforehand to ensure better retention of the curls. Finally, we will stitch the wavy locks in the bun to get a nice roundness. You can leave two strands in the front separated by a small part to frame the face. And now, the hazy bun is perfectly done!

  • How to make an easy bun on long hair?

There are many possibilities to make a bun on long hair. Banana bun, knotted bun or even a dancer's bun, anything is imaginable. Here we'll focus on the easy-to-make braided updo that is the hottest hairstyle of the moment, both on the catwalk and on the red carpet. This is a bohemian updo that highlights long locks and brings a lot of femininity to the look. It will also enhance the blondness of a streaked hair. For a wedding, you can come and stitch accessories in your hair to dress up this lovely bun, headband, barrette, headband, rhinestones, you can have fun as you wish and style.

The easy bun tutorial n ° 3: the braided bun, step by step

First step, we separate the hair into two parts by delimiting each side by a parting that starts from the middle of the forehead and goes down to the bottom of the head. Then we make two braids. First, secure the first braid at the top of the neck using small pins. Then we reproduce the same gesture with the second braid. The two braids form a very elegant low bun. You can then spray a little hairspray to fix the small strands and get a clean finish. Conversely, if you fancy a more natural look, you can crumple the braids. On your pins!

The pro's tip for making an easy bun

To make a bun that holds well, it is better to avoid washing your hair the same day. When you fix the pins, the hair must have support. The trick is to spray on dry shampoo or hairspray for extra volume and body.

Where to shop for the essentials to achieve an easy bun?

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