how to make it last beyond the summer?

Are vacation romances all synonymous with fleeting flirtations destined to end at the same time as summer? Don’t be so sure. Here are 5 tips to make your summer love last.

If the summer period is particularly conducive to new encounters and letting go, it is not uncommon for some to end up getting caught up in their own game. Symbol of adventure, lightness, passion and intensity , holiday love has it all. Only here, once the end of summer looms, the return to reality can be tough …

While some choose to part with a light heart, others emerge from this experience with a broken heart, the option of make your vacation love last is also possible. Do you want to transform this relationship that was wrongly called “without a future” into something more serious? Know that, if this desire is shared by your partner, it is quite possible. Here now five tips that will allow you to give your best to this love said “impossible”.

Ask yourself the right questions

First thing to do when you return from vacation: ask yourself the right questions in order to leave on a healthy basis. In idyllic conditions and far from the problems that punctuate daily life, we can tend to idealize the relationship and get carried away a little too quickly. The fact of take a lucid step back can only do you the greatest good.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you really want to be in a serious relationship?
  • Will this person really match you on a daily basis?
  • Are your feelings for him really mutual?
  • What about your respective states of mind now that the holidays are over?

These are all things you need to clear up before considering anything if you don’t want to waste your time.

Do not delay in reconnecting

Once back home, it is better not to let yourself be overwhelmed by everyday life and get back in touch with your holiday sweetheart straight away if you want to preserve the nascent flame. Messages, a few phone calls, video calls … Use the means of communication with which you feel most comfortable and remember that the technology is clearly there to make your job easier ! Even from a distance, you will be able to keep in touch seamlessly, something that was not possible a few years ago.

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Get to really know yourself

During the holidays, the discussions can be more futile and light: it’s time to dig andget to know each other’s reality. Work, colleagues, friends, family, pace of life, projects, ambitions… You still have so much to discover about each other. Agreeing to discuss these kinds of subjects without taboos together proves that your love of vacation is likely to endure.

Corn be careful not to go too fast ! Even if you have the impression that you know each other by heart and that these few weeks apart from the time spent together could only bring you closer: do not forget that you are a new couple and that you need time to register each other in the daily life of the other.

Suggest a reunion

Did you manage to keep in touch? The time may have come to find yourself in real life! Reunion will allow you to make sure that the alchemy is still there and that the end of the vacation has not changed anything. Born far from the routine, your relationship has not yet had time to consolidate and makes you find yourself far from your initial meeting place (and even better: in the environment of one or the other) will allow you to multiply memories together, to strengthen your links and anchor your relationship a little more in reality. Know that being in the dark without knowing if you will ever see each other again can be bad for your relationship.

Believe in your story

Not all of these tips will make your vacation love last unless you firmly believe it yourself. Have you been told that it is impossible? That this kind of relationship only exists in the movies? It’s up to you to prove to Christophe Rippert that First kiss that he was wrong when he sang: “It’s a love of vacation, a story with no tomorrow “ !

In love as in life, there are no predefined rules : if you and your partner are on the same page, then why not try everything rather than risk missing out on a great story? And when vacation love turns to long-distance love, trust in you, in the other and in your story is essential if you want to see it continue.

Finally, remember: if this relationship is not intended to last after the start of the school year, you will have no regrets! You will have the merit of having tried and the latter will have at least allowed you to have a good summer.

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