How to match your jewelry to the color of your hair?

Choosing your accessories (earrings, necklaces, bracelets) is not trivial when it comes to highlighting your hair. The proof with the advice of the colourist Romain Colors, who gives us the keys to match our jewelry to our hair.

Why choose your jewelry according to the color of your hair?

Although the shade of our hair is less important than the color of our skin when it comes to choosing our jewelry, it is still important to highlight us, heal our look and give us allure. . As the expert Romain Colors tells us: "It is a question of harmony of colors", understand a harmony between the colors of the metals and possible precious stones of our jewels, and that of our hair. According to the colourist expert, your jewelry can indeed either create a beautiful harmony with your hair color, or be the “To accentuate the color of the hair”. The link between hairstyle and accessories is therefore now more obvious.
Then, we also assume that "If you wear a hair color, it's because it suits your complexion" as the colourist points out. By referring to the color of our hair when we choose our jewelry, we therefore also refer to the color of our complexion although this is a more indirect way of doing it.
As you will have understood, we have every interest in taking the greatest care in selecting earrings that match our coloring, choosing a necklace that suits our base or even wearing a bracelet or a ring that will enhance subtly the color of our hair when we run our hand through our hair. Even though there is of course no question of imposing diktats in the choice of jewelry, you might as well stock up on good advice to know these details that can make the difference so that our jewelry is simply more flattering.

While all of these recommendations will be very useful to you on a daily basis, they will be all the more practical during important events such as a wedding for example, when the outfit, hairstyle and jewelry must match perfectly.

What colors of jewelry for a brunette?

Good news if you are part of the team brunettes, you will usually have the choice to find a choker that will suit you or a pair of earrings that will sublimate you. No matter what metals you prefer, “In general everything is fine” reassures us colourist Romain Colors before adding that the "you can take all types of metals unless you have very white skin ". If you are not too pale, then you will be spoiled for choice to find accessories in gold, silver, or even rose gold according to your preferences. But the nuance concerning the whiteness of the skin is also to be taken into account for the palest of you, as your jewelry may tarnish your complexion. You will indeed need “Pay attention to the undertone of your skin” when the latter is diaphanous, to put you in maximum value with your jewelry. If you are brunette with white skin, you should know that the"yellow gold" will indeed tend to “Contrasting too much with the skin and therefore giving a worse look because we then appear even whiter” with this type of metal, as the colourist warns us. It would therefore be better to direct you to accessories in shades ”rose gold" or "silver”. This is the best thing to do for a more harmonious look “On the white skins of brunettes”.

On the other hand, if you have dark hair and black skin, don't hesitate to play the contrast card with golden jewelry with warm accents. As Romain Colors asserts, “In general with the peblack and dark hair, we prefer strong yellows which enhance ” for jewelry. Enough to make a splash!

If your hair is light brown, in other words chestnut, “It all depends on the grade of your chestnut” explains the colorist, who reminds us in passing that not all browns are created equal when it comes to matching our jewelry to the color of our hair. As you probably know, chestnut can indeed be hot or cold (ie ashy). The choice of jewelry is influenced in different ways depending on the case. If your brown hair is “A slightly warm brown, so we can put everything that will be in warm tones” jewelry side reveals the expert in color harmonies. The nuances of "yellow gold, hot, will work well”He explains. These are therefore the preferred metals if your chestnut is hot. On the other hand if your chestnut is ashy (cold), “All metals and stones go to the level of agreements”. No need to deprive yourself of your favorite silver jewelry or the latest trendy earrings. To be at the top, it is especially important to choose jewels that go "To raise the color of the eyes" by creating “contrast”With the shade of your iris.

How to choose your jewelry when you are blonde?

The case of choosing jewelry with blonde hair is a bit special because there are a multitude of shades of blonde all very different from each other. Romain Colors therefore simplifies things first and advises "generally", of "Avoid very yellow gold"When you have blonde hair because jewelry in such a hot gold metal will"raise the yellow present in the blond hair ” even though"A blonde too yellow is never seen as a pretty blonde". He therefore invites us to be vigilant when we select our jewelry and “Avoid the golden”, especially for those located "Close to the face like earrings". The colourist indeed asserts that “This is the case regardless of the reflections in the blonde hair (whether it is a beige blonde, a golden blonde or even an ash blonde), except for blonde hair with highlights Venetians”. Logically, it is therefore generally necessary to prefer accessories in "rose gold" or color "silver" to avoid making the blonde look yellower than it actually is. Moreover, it is not for nothing that the skins of real blondes – which often tend to blush – are also generally sublimated by silver or rose gold jewelry, as the colourist reminds us.

But that blondes adepts of gold jewelry be reassured, despite this great principle that exists to avoid us the odd, it is of course possible to make some sprains to sublimate with golden jewelry. With blond hair and dewy skin, the colourist also notes that a certain shade of gold is possible, and in this case pale gold. Indeed, he says that the “Pale yellow gold (not too golden) may work too” because it then comes to enhance the complexion which is cold, rosy. Likewise, "With an ash blonde, you can enhance the shade of the hair with yellow gold”He adds. Thanks to the very yellow walleye of gold, we thus achieve "awaken warmth and shine ” in the shade of the hair. Finally, once again assuming that the hair color matches the skin tone, Romain Color uses the equation to find the ideal jewelry for blondes who have a “Tone-on-tone blonde”, which can be either slightly lightened compared to the base or a little darker than the latter. He explains that this type of blond is usually worn by women who have “a warm and tan complexion”Easily. The hair color is then chosen to contrast slightly with the skin. If you wear this type of blonde, you can also "To wear yellow gold" or "Rose gold" to create a beautiful harmony of shades between your blonde, your skin and your jewelry. These hot metals will indeed have the advantage of not contrasting too much with your golden skin (unlike silver).

Finally, the colourist sheds light on the slightly more complex case of so-called beige blondes which are both golden and cold. As he reveals, "It's a little different”With this type of tailor-made blond which must therefore be considered on a case-by-case basis. Romain Colors underlines that “if we put too much yellow"By wearing golden jewelry that is a hot yellow gold, "Beige blonde might look more yellow than it actually is”. On the other hand, if you find your beige blonde a little dull because it is very cold, “Then you can enhance it with gold”Thanks to gold jewelry.

When it comes to stones, however, the hair beauty expert recommends “Stones much darker (than the hair) because it brings a nice contrast with the hair”. He adds that you can even head for black stones to create maximum contrast. The ideal is to choose "A metal in harmony with the hair color but opt ​​for a smaller stone element which can be more contrasted with the blonde". It really is "The metal accord, which must be perfectly in harmony with the hair, is the most important" insists the expert.

What colors of jewelry for redheads?

On this point Romain Colors is formal: "Yellow gold and rose gold work wonderfully with copper hair”, And stone side, “Blue or green stones” are perfect to contrast with "The orange of the hair". As the colorist points out when mentioning the chromatic circle, “Blue and green are colors that complement orange well”, these stone colors “Therefore highlight the color of red hair” because the hair color includes orange. He also adds: “from experience, I can say that women with copper hair also like to wear amber to recall the shade of their hair ". By betting on metals and hot stones (like amber) “We are going to press on the copper side of the hair” explains the colourist, in other words “Accentuate hair color” as we announced previously. Precepts which are “Valid for all variations of red, from Venetian blond to chocolate brown with very warm red highlights” says the expert.

What types of jewelry should you choose when you have white hair?

Good news, according to the expert "The hair agreement allows everything" in metals and stones. As Romain Colors notes: "For me, it's only the skin harmony that should work with white hair or salt and pepper". You will therefore have to rely on your skin tone to choose between gold, rose gold or silver. The colourist, however, advises “Either colored stones to bring color that contrasts nicely with the hair or stones in tone on tone” for a most harmonious rendering.

What about two-tone balayage or tie-dye hair colors?

In the expert's opinion, "sobriety will win out ” in the choice of jewelry when the coloring is very nuanced. Romain Colors advises to trust "Rather in tinted agreement for the choice of metals and for the stones, to opt for darker stones, neutral or natural". It further recommends to “take the dominant color of the hair"And grant the jewel"with what the eye sees most in the hair”. As the eye is attracted to the clarity, in the case of an ombré hair caramel or a sweep, it will be appropriate to match the golden nuances that illuminate the hair.

Now you know how to choose your necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets to best match your hair color. These recommendations will also be very useful if you are looking to find hair jewelry that will perfectly match your base or your color!

Thanks to Romain Colors, expert colourist in soft, organic, natural and vegetable coloring.