How to Put Your Mac’s Screen in Dark Mode

All day, we go from one screen to another without even realizing it: from the computer to the smartphone, via the tablet, before ending up in front of the television screen at the end of the day. Just writing these lines makes my eyes hurt!

That’s why you have to give your eyes every possible break. And start by configuring your computer screen to be the most pleasant and the least tiring to watch. For that, I enabled dark mode on my Mac.

Dark mode helps reduce the strain on the eyes – kind of like being in a dark room when you have a headache. Even if its effectiveness is not proven for the health of your eyes, it will nevertheless allow you to reduce eye fatigue… and to extend the autonomy of your battery.

How to activate dark mode?

First step: click on the apple menu, located at the top left of your screen, then select System Preferences.

Go into Generalthen click Dark.

When you select dark mode, your window instantly changes color.

Auto mode, another alternative

General settings include appearance, scrollbar settings, default browser and more. If you’ve never explored these settings, now is a good time to customize your Mac.

Last little trick: if you click on Dark, your Mac’s buttons, menus, and windows will take on a darker appearance. If you choose Autoyour Mac will stay in Light Mode and gradually switch to Dark Mode over the course of the day.


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