How to really calculate the age of your cat?

One year as a human = 7 years as a cat? It’s a little more complicated than that! Here is the real way to calculate the age of your beloved cat as closely as possible.

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Cats would have seven lives, and one year of human life would be equivalent to seven years of a cat’s life. If we ignore the veracity of this first belief, the second is not quite accurate according to the site Futura Sciences. This is because cats become adults faster than humans. Thus, at two years old, the cat is already an adult. Once this adulthood is reached, each additional year of human time ages the cat by the equivalent of four years. To calculate the age of your adult cat, you must therefore add 24 months (the age from which it becomes an adult) + the years from this adult age, multiplied by four.
To summarize it in a scholarly formula, y = 24 + (x X4), x being the age of the cat in calendar time and y, its equivalent in human age. If your dear cat is over 20 years old, he is a venerable centenary!

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The right parameters to calculate the age of your cat

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Be careful, however, the formula is not as mathematical as it seems because many parameters can vary it. First, a cat that lives outdoors will live shorter on average, due to the risk of accidents and parasites. An overweight cat also has a reduced lifespan. In addition, female cats live longer than males and a sterilized female cat lives longer than an unsterilized female cat. Finally, some breeds are known to have a longer lifespan: this is the case of the Burmese (16.1 years on average), the Burmese (14.3 years), the Siamese (14.2 years), the Persian (14.1 years) or British Shorthair (11.8 years). Long life to your feline!

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