how to reject a call without unlocking your smartphone

If you have an iPhone, you may have wanted to quickly reject a call, without unlocking your smartphone. The problem is that no option appears on the screen to reject it. We’ll explain how to do it.

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When you read the title, you may have said to yourself: but why would it be complicated to reject a call on an iPhone, just click the red button? “. Well know thatiOS doesn’t work exactly the same as Android smartphones in this regard.

When an iPhone is locked, it does not display the traditional green and red “Accept” and “Reject” buttons, but simply a bar that you have to slide to “Reply”. No option is visible on the screen to reject the calland some users regularly wonder what to do if they don’t want to pick up.

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Here’s How to Reject a Call on an iPhone’s Lock Screen

If you don’t want to answer a call without unlocking your iPhone, you always have the choice of let your phone ringor evenenable the option allowing you to tap the back of the device to silence the ringtone.

However, sometimes you want to refuse the call, whether to quickly silence it or to let the other person know that you are busy. To reject a call on an iPhone without unlocking it, you will need to double-click the power button on your smartphone. Better yet, you can also set Siri to have the personal assistant announce incoming calls, allowing you to accept or decline them using your voice.

You can also touch Reminder to choose when you want a reminder to go off to call your correspondent. You can also press Message to choose a default response or a response that you have previously personalized by going to Settings > Phone > Reply with message. Then tap one of the default messages and replace it with the text you want.

And there you have it, you should no longer be lost in front of your iPhone’s lock screen during an incoming call.

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