How to send a sprig of virtual lily of the valley for May 1st? : Current Woman The MAG

Failing to go pick lily of the valley in the fields, you can opt this year for a lily of the valley … virtual! One way like any other to offer delicate attention to loved ones during this somewhat complicated period … We reveal our favorite sites where you can find what you are looking for! : virtual and sound cards of May 1st

The famous site offers no less than 54 different virtual cards to celebrate May 1st, animated or not… Humorous, romantic or magical, there is something for everyone. : a very wide choice of May 1st card models

No less than forty various cards to send happiness to your loved ones on May 1st. Between the animated cards, the speaking ones (it’s up to you to record your voice message), video… it’s easy and well organized. : various models for May 1st

Wish a good May 1st in an original way with a card template from the site. With its many virtual cards, it is very easy to send a little attention to those close to you. Something to mark the spirits on this May 1st!

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