How to start cognitive shuffle, a technique to fall asleep


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Having trouble falling asleep? Cognitive shuffle could benefit you on a daily basis. Here is how to apply this method to find sleep and fight effectively against insomnia.

If it is not always easy to fall asleep and some people see their daily lives disturbed by repeated insomnia, the tips supposed to facilitate falling asleep are multiplying on the net. Among them, we find in particular the cognitive shuffle, a technique that promises to help the brain achieve a certain state of calm and well-being thanks to a system of shuffling of random thoughts, easy to understand. So, if you are tired of counting sheep in vain, read on: here we give you the keys to cognitive shuffle.

What is the cognitive shuffle ?

the cognitive shuffle, Where cognitive mixing in French, is a method of falling asleep theorized by Luc Beaudoin, expert in cognitive science. This specialist relied on one of the major problems slowing down onset of sleep: the fact thatat bedtime, the brain may continue to be stimulated by thoughts.

Indeed, the act of thinking analytically about the course of the day, about things to do the next day, or even trying to solve a problem, plunges the brain into a more or less marked state of alert and anxiety. . If you can’t get rid of these parasitic concerns and they keep coming back to your mind, the cognitive shuffle can be of great help to you. This technique consists in fact in giving the brain enough stimuli to allow it to occupy itself and that it does not fall back into the trap of parasitic thoughts, but not enough coherence so that it has no other choice than of end up letting go. Thanks to this occupation, it would take about fifteen minutes for the brain to pause and the body to fall asleep.

Cognitive shuffle : how to proceed ?

More concretely, here are the five steps to follow that will allow you to experience the cognitive shuffle :

  • Make yourself comfortable in conditions conducive to falling asleep.
  • In your head, choose and visualize a random letter.
  • Then do the same with a five-letter word, starting with the one chosen in the previous step. Make sure that this word is not too emotional for you, prefer it neutral. You can then write it slowly in your mind.
  • For each letter of the initial word, find other words starting in the same way. You will need to proceed step by step: one letter at a time.
  • Take your time and carefully visualize all the words and letters that come to mind.

If all goes well, you should get some sleep after fifteen minutes of exercise. So now that the technique of cognitive shuffle has no more secrets for you, we have only one thing to wish you: good night!

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