how to understand the results of this Thursday?

From May 27, higher education admissions will be revealed on Parcoursup. For the lucky ones, their wishes will be accepted, while the others will have to wait until July 14.

Every year it’s the same scenario. Students registered on Parcoursup connect to the platform to find out whether their training wishes are accepted or not. For some, it will be the end of the suspense today, for others, the wait will be even longer.

Thus, candidates can receive four types of responses:

  • Yes: the wish is accepted, the candidates will be notified by email, by SMS, or by a message in their Parcoursup file.
  • Yes if (for a license vow): the vow is accepted on condition that they are upgraded to strengthen their skills.
  • Pending: the wish will be accepted if the other candidates, applying for the same training, withdraw.
  • No: the wish is refused.

How does Parcoursup work?

Once the responses have been received, you must respond within 5 days. After this deadline, the admission proposal is sent to another candidate. However, you can still accept one wish and stay pending on other wishes.

For candidates disappointed with their wishes, the files will be updated every morning between May 28 and July 14. Applicants must respond by July 16 at the latest. For candidates on hold, a mandatory stage point is scheduled between June 29 and July 1, so that they confirm the wishes they wish to keep.

If the results are not conclusive, candidates can post in the complementary procedure from June 16 to September 13. For this stage, it will be necessary to make new wishes in the formations where there is still room. No worries, according to the Student, 90,000 candidates receive proposals at the last minute.

For now, candidates will have access to responses from today’s platform, from 7 p.m.


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