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How to ventilate your house effectively during confinement? : Current Woman Le MAG

Airing your interior is essential during containment. First because it would be a shame to develop claustrophobia, then because it is necessary to rebalance the humidity in the rooms of the house. Household products also contribute to increasing air pollution. Remember to open your windows regularly. On top of that, the air quality has improved considerably in certain regions of France since the beginning of the week!

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15 minutes of ventilation per day is sufficient

When you are locked up in your house or apartment all day, you may be tempted to leave the window open for hours. In reality, it is not really necessary. Aeration of 5 to 15 minutes a day is more than enough to renew the air in the living space. If you feel the need to open longer, which is quite understandable given the confinement, you can repeat the operation 2 to 3 times a day. Especially if you cook and don't want to fall asleep in the smell of food. It is recommended to open at times that are not those of outside life: that is to say before 10 a.m. and after 7 p.m.. In between, the outside air is more prone to pollution.

Airing means reducing humidity and limiting the appearance of mold

Why do you have to ventilate your home? It is necessary imperatively bring in fresh air every day. We don't necessarily know it, but the air in our interior is also or even more polluted than the outside air. Showering, cooking, breathing, all this contributes to increasing the humidity level of a house. Gold which says high humidity says badly oxygenated environment and favorable to the bacterial proliferation. An enclosed space that is too humid is likely to see mold growing on the walls, for example. Not to mention that the mites love poorly ventilated rooms! Opening your window a few minutes a day will reduce the risk of allergies and respiratory problems.

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Some rooms need more ventilation than others

The kitchen and the bathroom are in pole position. After a good shower that has fogged the mirror and the room, you have to think about removing the water vapor. Ditto after making a pasta dish which accelerated the condensation process in the room. Places where you practice physical activities or those where you are confined to several also require more ventilation. We think of the dining room or the place where you do your daily sport for example. Finally, it is important to bring air into the bedroom, the place where we sleep, sweat and spend a lot of time in recent days (let's be honest).

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Think about depolluting plants

If you like plants, know that they are very effective to clean up a house. All are able to absorb particles (including those of carbon dioxide) which float in the air and could be harmful to human health. Some are recognized as unbeatable in this area, these are the so-called depolluting plants. We think in particular of the gerbera in all its colors, ivy, or the moon flower (spathiphyllum). Both are kept in a preferably light room and are to be watered regularly.

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