How to wax your bikini line with depilatory cream?

Want to remove your hair without using a razor or wax? The bikini area is very delicate, in particular because the skin there is very thin and fragile. We tell you all about depilatory cream, an alternative for the most cozy who want to remove hair gently, while minimizing the risks for their privacy.

From uncomfortable regrowth and an excessive risk of cutting with the Shaver, a pain that is difficult to manage with wax, a cost that all budgets cannot afford with the laser, gestures not always mastered with pulsed light … You are struggling to find a technique that suits you to indent and refresh your Jersey regularly? But have you ever thought about the hair remover, which presents itself as a good alternative to all techniques hair removal existing both by the cost it represents and by its use. How to use it? Veet, Nair, Netline, Klorane, special sensitive area treatment or not… which product to use? We tell you everything there is to know about hair remover for the jersey area.

What is depilatory cream?

The hair remover is a cream that removes unwanted hair by keratin removal. The hair – at least the part that protrudes from the surface of the skin – will weaken and this dissolve thanks to the high pH formula of the cream. The root, it will stay in the hair bulb and grow back after a few days.

Good news, this method of removing your hair is totally painless. It is also a good alternative to manual razor which creates very rapid regrowth (you have to wax every day or so), or for the most cozy. hair removal to electric razor and at the wax are not always fun. It is also a good way to replace hair removal by pulsed light or to laser whose prices can sometimes be high, just like the sessions in aesthetic institute where you have to undress in front of an icon, which is not always very pleasant for the most discreet of us.

Hair removal cream, how to use it on the bikini line?

Ideally, the day before waxing, do a light scrub to prepare the skin for the operation, remove the dead skin and limit the presence of ingrown hairs (also called hairs under the skin) and make the skin softer.

On the clean, dry skin, apply the cream in a not too thick layer, without trying to make it penetrate (a bit like applying a shaving foam). For the jersey area, apply the cream, being careful not to get any the inside of your intimate labia majora. Indeed, this would result in irritate the mucous membranes.

Wait for it indicated time on the packaging. In general, the exposure time is around 10 minutes. Above all, do not go beyond this recommended time, you would risk to irritate strongly, even of to burn your skin. After leaving it on, take the spatula provided to you with the tube and remove the cream by slowly scraping on your skin, without pressing too much so as not to hurt yourself. Then rinse thoroughly with Luke warm water.

Our advice after using a depilatory cream on the bikini line

Think about you wash your hands before touching another area of ​​your body. After rinsing the product off properly, use a care, a moisturizer or a nourishing oil to help your skin regenerate well after this ordeal.
Be careful, do not use the cream on the hair, the eyebrows where the eyelashes if you want to keep them! Even though the face and the Jersey are two fragile areas of the body, do not use a depilatory cream intended for the bikini line on your face.

How to choose your bikini line depilatory cream?

There are several types of depilatory creams intended for different parts of the body: legs, the arm, the armpits and the Jersey. Some are multi-zone, while others are more specific, such as the face or the Jersey. And indeed, these areas more fine and fragile require more ingredients soft in their formula like aloe vera and are accompanied by spatulas finer to remove the hair remover in the last step of hair removal. In store, be sure to choose specific references for the jersey, specifying terms such as “skins Where sensitive areas Where intimate“, “Jersey”. Great clues to get you started.

The hair remover is not only for women, you can also find depilatory creams for men, the use of which is intended for torso notably. If your man he wishes, he can use the hair remover for the Jersey for his private parts, with the same recommendations and advice as for your intimate area.

There are also creams intended for different skin types. For the sensitive skins, normal, dry… choose the one that suits you best, you can also opt for a organic hair removal cream. It is found in particular in brands like Acorelle.

The disadvantages of depilatory cream for the bikini line

If the depilatory cream technique presents many advantages – especially from a financial point of view – it also has some disadvantages. You have to be very careful not to put it on areas you do not want to epilate. Indeed, she does not pluck the hairs, corn dissolves proteins contained inside their fibers, so that it will sensitize any hair it comes in contact with. There where waxing, epilator and the tweezers will help you to remove the entire hair, with the depilatory cream, the root always remains intact and hidden under the epidermis. the regrowth time the hair is therefore between 4 and 6 days, against a respite of about 4 weeks for hair removal methods where the hair is completely pulled out.

This method also tends to dry out the skin. It is therefore very important to use a treatment after rinsing and drying the epilated area, even when using a moisturizing hair removal cream. Question efficiency, it is absolutely necessary respect the exposure time indicated, otherwise the hair will not have time to dissolve completely. This implies taking your time when embarking on an operation to fight against the hair on your bikini line.

Finally, the major drawback in using a hair remover the level of Jersey remains that with the latter, it is not possible to obtain a full epilation. Indeed, the mucous membranes do not support this type of product, it is only possible to perform hair removal so-called “simple” jersey Where “classic “, slightly indented where only the hair on the side or top of the pubis is removed.

Hair removal over there hair remover present all the same more advantages than disadvantages, in addition to having a Very good value for money and can fit into your beauty routine no problem.

The best depilatory creams for the bikini line

Yes the most famous brand in terms of hair remover and waxing rest Veet, be aware that there are also other products and brands that are just as effective, such as Nair, the products of Netline or those of Klorane.

Why use hair removal cream?

Unlike a razor, there is no risk of cuts with the use of depilatory cream. This alternative is also much cheaper than hair removal in a salon, laser and pulsed light and is much faster than wax, in addition to being completely painless. It is therefore a great value for money! Its use remains simple, fast and practical and it remains a good method especially for teenagers who are not comfortable with other methods of hair removal or to start waxing gently and at a low price. .

Which method to choose for waxing the bikini line?

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