How Vincent Bolloré and Vivendi shook up Editis

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THE BIG BANG OF THE EDITION (2/6). The eviction of the boss of the education division, the split of Plon… Editis, today for sale, has experienced 3 years of upheaval.

By Olivier Ubertalli

Vincent Bolloré and Arnaud de Puyfontaine, in 2018.

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PProtruding cheekbones, short hair, Catherine Lucet, general manager until recently of the education and reference branch of Editis, a subsidiary of Vivendi, is only distantly related to Élise Lucet, the journalist from France Télévisions. Avenue de France, in the glass building of Editis, near the François-Mitterrand library, his eviction, at the end of September, panicked the teams. This 63-year-old director, who spent twenty-two years at Editis, was highly respected in her specialty: educational publishing.

“It’s a size, which has always been respected and feared by the competing teams of Hachette Education. This is a huge loss for the group”, comments, under the seal of anonymity, an executive from Editis, who recalls the sudden departure, in November 2021, of Marie…

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