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This Friday, September 30, Monica Bellucci blows out her 58th candle. The opportunity to dive back into the love life of the model and more precisely the beginning of her adventure with Vincent Cassel.

Freshly arrived in France in 1996, Monica Bellucci, who is celebrating her 58 years old this Friday, September 30launched her acting career by landing on the set of The Apartment. 32 years old at the time, the actress is still unknown to the general public despite his few appearances in Italian productions, like Dracula by Francis Ford Coppola. For his first project in France, Monica Bellucci crossed paths with another rising film star : Vincent Cassel. Indeed, at that time, the actor was starting to make people talk about him thanks to his performance in the film. Hatredconsidered today as one of his greatest classics.

Single, the interpreter of Max in The Apartment is fell in love with Monica Bellucci. “I didn’t have many girlfriends when I was young. I was an active young man, jumping from girl to girl, but never with anyone for more than three or four months”he first revealed in an interview with the Guardianin 2009. And to add: “Monica was my first true love and we’ve been together for fifteen years, so I was right to wait.” However, at the start, Vincent Cassel had the principle of do not exit “with his film partner”. A personal rule that he finally transgressed. “I thought it would be a major disaster, and I thought the director just hired Monica because she was a model”he continued, before confiding that he had to fight to conquer his beloved: Our attraction was not immediate. […] I wooed her.”

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“There will always be love between us”

After this phase of seduction, Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci wasted no time. The two movie stars quickly settled down together and followed with a marriage in 1999. Happy and fulfilled, they then gave birth to two beautiful little girls, Deva, born in 2004 and Léonie, in 2009. To everyone’s surprise, the two lovebirds have unfortunately ended up separating in 2013. Despite everything, they seem to have kept very good contacts. “There will always be love between us. Even if our paths part, Vincent and I will always be there for each othersaid Monica Bellucci during an exchange with the magazine Chijust after the breakup.

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