How Windows 11 wants to make life better for developers

During its Build conference, Microsoft presented a brand new tool for Windows 11: Dev Home. The goal: to make life easier for IT developers with a whole host of tips.

There were many announcements around artificial intelligence during the Microsoft Build conference which took place last week. If Windows 11 is really getting into AI, it’s not just that: its file explorer and its way of saving data have been revised. In addition to that, Windows 11 is complemented by a new control center dedicated to developers: Dev Home.

Windows 11 wants to improve the lives of developers

As stated in a press release, “ Dev Home is a new experience in Windows 11 thanks to several features. First, you can connect Windows 11 to GitHub to clone repositories published on the platform, owned by Microsoft. Enough to download the packages and other files you need locally. Also, the Microsoft Copilot lands in the command terminal.

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Among the added features, there is for example a new configuration of WinGet. The application configuration process is transformed in order to ” avoid the manual effort associated with setting up a new machine or integrating a new project “. Operation that was manual and now becomes automatic: this can now be done with a simple command.

GitHub invites itself natively in Windows 11

But the integration of GitHub goes further: you can even configure your programming environments in the clouds natively in the operating system.

GitHub integration in Windows 11 // Source: Microsoft

We can thus see the status of each folder/file, the date of its last update and the associated comments. No need to go through software or via a web browser, everything can be done directly from the file explorer.

Dev Drive: the new way to manage storage on Windows

Another important function added by Dev Home, Dev Drive. Microsoft describes it as ” a new storage volume, tailor-made for developers, with a file system that offers both performance and security. We can therefore create virtual hard disks, which are more practical for certain uses.

Dev Drive // ​​Source: Microsoft

According to Microsoft, Dev Drive delivers up to 30% faster build speeds for file I/O scenarios. A new performance mode that would be safer for workloads.

Open source dashboards to manage your projects

Finally, Dev Home brings customizable dashboards. You can add GitHub widgets to it to track your programming tasks, posted updates, pull requests, available SSH connections, etc. For the most hardware enthusiasts, system widgets exist to track the performance of its CPU and GPU.

A dashboard in Dev Home // Source: Microsoft

Everyone can create their own personalized dashboards and share them with other developers via a repository on GitHub. Dev Home is open source and is available in preview phase and can be downloaded now from the Microsoft Store.

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