“How would you make a body disappear?” : The Jubillar affair revived by new sordid confidences…

On June 18, 2021, the courts decided to place in pre-trial detention for spousal homicide Cédric Jubillar, the husband of Delphine who has been missing since December 2020 without leaving a trace. If he has claimed his innocence from the start, many incriminating elements weigh down his case. He therefore continues to remain in prison in the Toulouse-Seysses remand center. New revelations have surfaced that do not go in favor of the 34-year-old painter-plasterer who was in divorce proceedings with the missing nurse: the exchanges he had with a former employer with whom he had sympathized at the ‘era.

In 2019, Cédric Jubillar did some work for a couple living in Albi. During his work, he discusses with his employer. The latter has just transmitted to The Midi Dispatch their conversations, aware that what might have seemed light to him at the time is no longer so in view of the suspicions about the person who was the last to have seen Delphine Jubillar alive. He hesitated before confiding, not wanting to overwhelm the painter-plasterer more than he was, but decided to break his silence now. In particular, it relates their discussion on how to make a body disappear.

During an evening and during a break in his work, Florent – his assumed name – sympathized with Cédric Jubillar: “We drank beers and started talking about everything and nothing. At one point he asked us: how would you make a body disappear without leaving a trace?“Everyone gives their opinion,”joking” he specifies, on the best way to do it. He remembers the various theses debated: “Burn the body?”, “Plunge it in an acid bath?”, “Feed it to the pigs?”, “Lacerate the body in the stomach and throw it in the Tarn so that the catfish get away occupy?”

In light of the events that followed on December 15, 2020, this exchange takes on a whole new dimension. However, the man who confided in The Dispatch would like to clarify the context of this conversation: “He hadn’t referred to his wife or anyone else. And we never talked about it again. Besides at the time he seemed to be quite happy, he was proud to build his house – he showed us the pictures of the interior on his phone – and to soon have a second child.” If this is not incriminating, it shows, once again, the complexity of the character that is Cédric Jubillar. Tireless provocateur, murderer or both? The work of justice is far from over.

Cédric Jubillar remains presumed innocent of the charges against him until the final judgment of this case.

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