HPI on TF1: did you recognize the film described by Morgane in tonight’s episode?

Since May 12, Morgane Alvaro has been back on TF1 for season 2 of the highly anticipated “HPI”. In tonight’s episode, the character played by Audrey Fleurot portrays a film. Did you recognize him?

Since Thursday May 12, Morgane Alvaro has made a comeback on TF1 in season 2 of HPI. Good news for fans of the character played by Audrey Fleurot, who were delighted to find the lively and indomitable spirit of this cleaning lady who became an investigator.

And as in the first season, this mother of three children uses and abuses references to pop-culture to help the police solve the most complex investigations, like episode 5 of season 2 broadcast tonight at 9:10 p.m. on TF1.

After long months of absence, Morgane is finally back at the police station to help the brigade investigate the murder of judge Carole Massard, found dead in her office as she was preparing to deliver her verdict in a trial of sitting. If the investigators go on the trail of revenge on the part of the accused, the consultant, she understands very quickly that the case is much more complex than it looks.

While she is at the police station with Karadec, the young woman develops a theory: the unfaithful husband is covering up for his wife who would have killed his mistress. And to support her idea, she describes a film without quoting it.

Like in that movie there, remember? With the actor, there, the old beau, with a hat and then a whip. Finally there, he doesn’t have the hat and the whip because in the film he plays a lawyer, and then there is a trial…” she explains before being interrupted by Roxane, the new girlfriend of Karadec (Mehdi Nebbou).

What is the film described by Morgane?

The most curious will perhaps wonder what is the title of the film evoked by the main character. This is Presumed Innocent, an American feature film directed by Alan J. Pakula and released in 1990, which features Harrison Ford, the iconic interpreter of Indiana Jones (hence the hat and the whip), in the role of a brilliant prosecutor.

His character suddenly finds himself accused of the murder of a young and ambitious colleague with whom he has just had a stormy affair. And as Morgane Alvaro describes it, it was actually the prosecutor’s wife who killed her husband’s mistress.

Find season 2 of HPI every Thursday evening from 9:10 p.m. on TF1 with one new episode per week. The episodes are already available in full on Salto.

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