HPI on TF1: Is Mehdi Nebbou (Karadec) leaving the detective series after episode 2?

Episode 2 of season 4 of “HPI” is marked by the departure of Karadec from the DIPJ in Lille. Does this mean that Mehdi Nebbou is leaving the detective series?

Has the time to say goodbye come for Karadec? Episode 2 of season 4 of HPI is indeed marked by sad news. Tired of the actions of Morgane (Audrey Fleurot), the commissioner has in fact decided to take a new route and change departments. He will join the Lille financial brigade.

It is now Fred (Thomas Scimeca) who will take his place at the head of the DIPJ. In the last minutes of the episode, he organizes his farewell party to say goodbye to his former colleagues.

Unfortunately, Morgane, after much hesitation, decided not to bother her former lover. Does Karadec’s departure from the Lille DIPJ mean that Mehdi Nebbou is leaving the series?

Is Mehdi Nebbou leaving HPI?

HPI fans can rest assured, Karadec’s departure is not final. The character will indeed be back in the rest of season 4, even if the circumstances will be unusual to say the least.

In episode 3, Mehdi Nebbou returns to the series but not really as Karadec… And in episode 4, the latter will have to, despite himself, team up again with Morgane to solve a new investigation.

Karadec leaves and as if by chance, his first investigation within the financial brigade intersects with a criminal investigation led by Morgane’s team”, Mehdi Nebbou told AlloCiné during an interview.

There is a cockfight between Morgane and Karadec to see who has the lead. It’s quite exhilarating and funny to see that, even though they no longer work in the same police department, they continue to argue over who should lead the investigation. And then as usual, they will realize that they complement each other, and they will despite themselves be forced to collaborate.

Will this new investigation in episode 4 convince Karadec to return to the DIPJ? Answer on Thursday June 13 from 9:10 p.m. on TF1.

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