HPI on TF1: who is Jeremy Lewin, Morgane’s new lover?

Season 3 of “HPI”, the first episode of which was broadcast last night on TF1, saw the arrival of a new character, Brigadier Timothée Guichard, who came to swell the ranks of the Lille DIPJ following the departure of Morgane .

Since May 11, TF1 has been broadcasting new episodes of season 3 of HPI every Thursday evening. The opportunity for viewers of the channel to find Morgane (Audrey Fleurot), Karadec (Mehdi Nebbou), Gilles (Bruno Sanches), Céline (Marie Denarnaud) and Daphné (Bérangère McNeese).

This new burst of episodes resumed 6 months after the events that occurred at the end of season 2. Following the passionate kiss she had exchanged with Karadec, the red tornado had decided to leave her position as a consultant to become a housekeeper again.

But special circumstances had made it possible to reunite Morgane and her former teammate, who had to start working together again.

If season 2 was marked by the arrival of the character of Roxane (Clotilde Hesme), season 3 sees the investigators welcome a new recruit, Timothée, who has come to swell the ranks of the police station in the absence of Morgane. An arrival that will cause a stir at the DIPJ in Lille.

Who embodies this new character?

It is the actor Jeremy Lewin who lends his features to Brigadier Guichard. Of Swiss origin, the young actor moved to Paris in 2012 to follow the Cours Florent. After having distinguished himself in numerous plays and short films, in 2019 he landed a role in the Netflix series Osmosis where he played the role of Hugo Becker.

The same year, he plays in La Vérité si je mens! The Beginnings, prequel to the famous film series. He takes over the role of Yvan, embodied in the initial trilogy by Bruno Solo.

After being seen in The Fracture, Young and Golri and Funny, Jérémy Lewin is chosen to join the cast of season 3 of HPI, the hit detective series from TF1. He plays Brigadier Timothée Guichard, a new recruit who has come to replace Morgane.

And if, at first, he has trouble finding a place for himself within the team, the investigators will very quickly realize that the young man who looks like the “top of the class” has many assets. And it’s not Morgane who can say the opposite…

Find episode 2 of season 3 of HPI on Thursday May 19 from 9:10 p.m. on TF1. For latecomers, episode 1 is already available on MyTF1.

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