HPI: this sitcom star will play Morgane in the American remake!

“HPI”, the phenomenon series of TF1, will soon be entitled to its US version. Moreover, the teams of the future American copshow have just found the one who will succeed Audrey Fleurot in the role of Morgane… Find out who it is here.

As previously announced, the successful HPI series will soon be adapted in the United States. On TF1, Audrey Fleurot slips into the skin of Morgane, the brilliant and colorful heroine of detective fiction. But which actress will have the heavy task of succeeding him in the US version?

The new Morgane, it’s her!

After long weeks of suspense, the woman who will play the character has finally been chosen! It is also an actress already starring in a very popular sitcom across the Atlantic: Kaitlin Olson, one of the stars of Philadelphia (currently in season 15 and already renewed until its season … 18!), including Danny DeVito.

Here, she will therefore lend her features to Morgan (without the “-e” at the end), this single mother of three children with high intellectual potential who elucidates investigations thanks to her unstoppable logic. As in France on the front page, the cleaning lady will first be noticed by the police by solving a crime during a cleaning session at the police station…

The protagonist will obviously be associated with a partner at the antipodes of her way of being and they will together form an explosive and efficient duo on the ground. On TF1, Mehdi Nebbou plays Karadec, Morgane’s teammate. Who will be the lucky one in Hollywood? To be continued.

Season 3 of “HPI” soon on TF1

In France, HPI will soon return to the air in several months. The chain has also communicated the date of the big comeback of Audrey Fleurot and her acolytes by mistake… To wait in any case, the latter has already made some revelations about the continuation of the adventures of Morgane.

She explained to Diverto: “Morgane is going to experience a good depression: Karadec has not followed up, she has left her position as a consultant and is trying to rebuild her life. She is again a cleaning lady, is regularly fired, and finds herself, by a combination of circumstances, in prison.” We look forward !

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