HSBC: interested in quantum technologies

( – HSBC announces that it is the first bank to test the quantum security network of BT and Toshiba.

HSBC notably intends to test the secure quantum transmission (Quantum Key Distribution) of test data between its headquarters in Canary Wharf and its data center in Berkshire, two British sites separated by 62km.

Eventually, this technology will be tested in several scenarios, including financial transactions, secure video communications, one-time encryption, as well as computing capabilities related to Amazon Web Services.

‘We are already preparing our global operations for a quantum future. We are spearheading cutting-edge trials by investing in strong strategic partnerships to explore how we could deploy these technologies as they develop,” the CEO of HSBC Bank Plc and HSBC Europe commented in substance. Colin Bell.

“Today’s milestone proves the importance of this collaboration and shows the progress that can be made when industry leaders join forces,” he said.

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