Huawei Banned: Next Country Bans Chinese Manufacturers

After three years the decision was made. The next country bans Huawei, making it impossible for the Chinese company to participate in the expansion of the new 5G network. However, the decision also affects other Chinese manufacturers and has further consequences.

Huawei banned in Canada

While the United States banned Huawei three years ago, causing massive problems for the Chinese company, Canada is now following suit after careful consideration and coordination with allies. Canadian Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino has made the move official. The ban does not only affect Huawei, but also the Chinese company ZTE. reason are Cybersecurity concerns (Source: Bloomberg).

Specifically, it is about telecommunications systems. Telecommunications companies in Canada are therefore allowed Stop using Huawei or ZTE networks, products and services. If such companies are already using hardware from the two Chinese companies, the use must be stopped and the hardware or software replaced.

This is of course a major setback for Huawei. The company will not only no longer be able to sell hardware in Canada, but also in the future Network expansion of new mobile networks such as 5G, 6G and so on excluded. The lucrative services that go with it are also eliminated. For Huawei, but also for ZTE, it is becoming increasingly difficult to survive in the market.

Accessory manufacturers need to develop new products for Huawei to complete the smartphones:

Huawei just keeps going

As Huawei struggles with ever-growing problems, the company just carries on as if nothing were. Several smartwatches and a foldable smartphone were recently introduced. However, the fact that smartphones without Google services in particular are hardly ever bought doesn’t stop Huawei from charging high prices. The folding cell phone costs a whopping 1,999 euros. Can you still find buyers for it? We dare to doubt it, especially since the hardware is already a bit outdated.

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