Hubert without Staller: Eight new episodes from December 9th on

It continues with "Hubert without Staller". Das Erste will broadcast the brand new eight episodes from December 9th at the usual airtime.

From December 9th, the new episodes of the police series "Hubert ohne Staller" will continue in the first. A total of eight new cases can be seen in the usual broadcast slot on Wednesdays at 6:50 p.m. For the investigative duo Franz Hubert (Christian Tramitz, 65) and Reimund Girwidz (Michael Brandner, 68), the focus is initially on moving to the new area.

Also with us are Katharina Müller-Elmau (55) as head of the area Sabine Kaiser and Paul Sedlmeir (39) and Mitsou Jung (22) as energetic colleagues Martin Riedl and Christina Bayern. Monika Gruber (49) and Hannes Ringlstetter (50) appear again in other supporting roles.

On the air since 2011

"Hubert ohne Staller" is a comedic early evening series about patrolmen in Wolfratshausen in Upper Bavaria. After Helmfried von Lüttichau (63) left as Commissioner Johannes Staller in 2018, the series was renamed from "Hubert and Staller" to "Hubert without Staller".

Tramitz and von Lüttichau originally developed the roles of the somewhat clumsy police officers for the Land-der-Berge sketches in the comedy show "Tramitz and Friends". Little by little they expanded the characters Hubert and Staller and started broadcasting the first series in 2011 in an independent series.