Hugh Grant does not mince his words on this project that he regrets: “A shitty movie”

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English actor Hugh Grant didn’t have the right cinematic flair for the cult film Four Weddings and a Funeral, which he considered “a turnip”…

Hugh Grant is not the type to be in the language of wood … At least that is what we can say regarding his remarks on one of the cult films that made him propelled to stardom. Indeed, the 62-year-old English actor, who will be starring in the film from April 12 Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Thieveshad some unfortunate words about the famous romantic comedy Four weddings and a funeral (1994), directed by Mike Newell and written by Richard Curtis. And for good reason, at the time, Hugh Grant was persuaded to do “a shitty movie” and did not hesitate to express himself on the subject… On the occasion of the release of his memoirs, Did I Ever Tell You This?, actor Sam Neillseen in Jurassic Park, swung on his old friend Hugh Grant. “I had dinner with Hugh Grant shortly after Sirens was shown. I asked him what he was currently filming and he replied: ‘Oh! A shitty movie which is called Four Weddings and a Funeral. A desaster, a turnip“, explains Sam Neill in his book, as the magazine points out SHE.

Words that the British star did not deny, on the contrary. In a statement to the magazine IndiewireHugh Grant explained: “I love Sam and I miss him, and it’s true that we were all certain to do a huge turnip until the first screenings. JI was clearly wrongand the film has completely changed my life“. Mea culpa!

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Oscar controversy

Besides his lack of flair film that stunned more than one, Hugh Grant caused a lot of talk during his visit to the red carpet of the Oscars 2023. Indeed, on March 12, during the famous ceremony held at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, the 62-year-old actor didn’t seem very interested in his interview orchestrated by Ashley Graham on the red carpet. Indeed, the star of Four weddings and a funeral has provided very brief and confusing answers to the questions posed by the model. When she asked him what he adored above all at the Oscars, Hugh Grant was content to answer in an approximate way: “Well, that’s fascinating… all of humanity is here“. Ashley Graham then asked the actor what he wanted to see the most at this ceremony, and it was then that he replied that he did not expect to receive any award this year. ..

Difficulties that have not discouraged ashley graham however. At the question, “what are you wearing ?“, the actor was content to answer: “my suit”. And in a last ditch attempt, Ashley asked Hugh Grant about his role in Glass Onion, directed by Rian Johnson. “Well I’m barely in it, I was there for about three seconds“, he just replied with a smile. Prompt responseswhich did not fail toignite the web where many netizens criticized actor’s behavior and praised Ashley Graham’s tenacity…

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