Humankind: the Cultures d’Afrique DLC launched on video

Launched last August on PC and Google Stadia, Humankind is, as a reminder, a management game of the 4X, allowing to develop its civilization over several eras by mixing cultures. A title very appreciated by fans of the genre, which will be entitled to a big DLC in the next few days.

Amplitude Studios just unveiled this week African culture, additional content that will add six new cultures for all eras, as well as new natural and cultural wonders, seven independent peoples and fifteen new narrative events. Here is the content of DLC in detail :

Six new cultures :

  • Era 1 – Bantu (Expansionist) – The Bantu expansion is a hypothetical series of major migrations of an original Ntu-speaking group, from Central and West Africa to sub-Saharan Africa.

Choose this crop to develop your land quickly and early!

  • Era 2 – Garamantes (Agrarian) – The Garamantes emerged as a major regional people in the middle of the second century AD. Their growth and expansion rely on a large and complex qanat irrigation system (called foggaras in Berber), supporting a strong agricultural economy and a large population.

Choose this crop to grow food in arid lands.

  • Era 3 – Swahili (Merchant) – The rise of the city-states of the Swahili coast can be largely attributed to the region’s significant participation in a commercial network that extended over the Indian Ocean.

Choose this crop to take advantage of your many coasts.

  • Era 4 – Maasai (Agrarian) – A people of ferocious pastors speaking Nilotic languages, rather than Bantu or Swahili. For the Maasai, achieving warrior status meant killing a lion alone with a spear.

Choose this crop to optimize your growth rate.

  • Era 5 – Ethiopians (Militarist) – During the rush for Africa, Ethiopia and Liberia are the only nations that have preserved their sovereignty against the colonization of European powers. By integrating the natural cliffs and ledges in the creation of the fortresses, Ethiopia was able to repel the majority of the colonial forces.

Choose this culture to progress quickly in the scientific and military fields.

  • Era 6 – Nigerians (Agrarian) – Nigeria brings together a wide variety of cultures under the domination of a single state. The variety of its relief and the abundance of hydraulic resources offer significant agricultural possibilities and make it one of the largest producers in West Africa.

Choose this crop to increase your oil fields and farm labor.

New Wonders :

  • Mount Kilimanjaro;
  • Victoria Falls;
  • The Rock of Zuma;
  • Lake Natron;
  • The Great Mosque of Djenné.

the Cultures of Africa DLC will be available from January 20, 2022 on PC via Steam, L’Epic Games Store and the Microsoft Store, against 8.99 € and pre-orders are already open with 10% reduction. You can find Humankind at € 42.49 at Gamesplanet.

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