Hundreds flee: governor laments deaths from shelling in Belgorod

Hundreds flee
Governor laments deaths from shelling in Belgorod

For days, Russia has been reporting Ukrainian shelling in the Belgorod border region. As a result, several civilians were killed and numerous people were fleeing.

According to the authorities there, at least two people have been killed in renewed airstrikes in the Russian region of Belgorod on the border with Ukraine. The governor of Belgorod, Vyacheslav Gladkov, said on Telegram that the Shebekino district had been under Ukrainian fire again since the morning.

In the village of Novaya Tavolshanka, an “elderly woman” died as a result, and in the village of Beslyudovka, another woman died from her numerous injuries from shrapnel. At least two other people were injured, according to the governor. According to Russian information, the city of Schebekino, located in the district of the same name, had been heavily shelled in the past few days, causing hundreds of residents to flee.

According to a new report by the governor, five people were killed by the attacks in the Belgorod region on Friday. On Thursday, the Russian army announced that it had repelled an attempted “invasion” by Ukrainian units overland to Belgorod using artillery and fighter jets. As attacks on the border region intensified, residents fled the attacked areas and were housed in temporary shelters.

The head of the Russian mercenary group Wagner, Yevgeny Prigozhin, said he was ready to send fighters to Belgorod. “If the (Russian) Ministry of Defense does not stop what is happening in the Belgorod region in the near future (…), then of course we will come to defend Russian lands,” Prigozhin explained on Telegram. The civilian population is dying in Belgorod, and therefore he will not wait for an “invitation” to send his fighters there.

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