Hungarian government demands inclusion of warning in LGBT children's books

The association for lesbian, bisexual and transgender women Labrisz, also publisher of several books, has been urged by the Hungarian government to include a warning in the pages of such books.

Another step backwards for LGBT rights in Hungary. In this country where serious discriminatory acts against this community are regularly reported, the situation is deteriorating even more, as evidenced by the measures taken last year. In May 2020, the government of Nationalist President Viktor Orban voted to end legal recognition of trans people. A few months later, in December, he announced a series of repressive and discriminatory measures aimed at drastically restricting the rights of non-cisgender and non-heterosexual people.

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The notion of gender has even been enshrined in the Constitution, where there is now an amendment straight out of another era which states that "the mother is a woman, the father is a man". This was voted on by the majority of MPs and in effect prohibited access to adoption for same-sex couples. "It is a dark day for the LGBTQ community in Hungary and a dark day for human rights", said David Vig, director of Amnesty Hungary.

A few weeks later, this problematic position began to be felt, even in children's books. After the publication of an anthology of fairy tales entitled Wonderland is for Everyone (Wonderland is for everyone, in French) by the association for lesbian, bisexual and transgender women Labrisz, the government has demanded that a warning be included in the pages of this type of work.

"Protect consumers"

What could be wrong with a fairy tale that makes children respect each other? It is a danger according to the Hungarian government, “homosexual propaganda”. As reported by The Guardian, we find in particular in the book Wonderland is for Everyone stories where a doe is granted his wish to become a male or a poem about a prince who marries another. Stories that would rise "Behavior incompatible with traditional gender roles", according to the statements of the government in a press release.

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This new discriminating measure would make it possible to "Protect consumers", but only further deteriorates the already very hostile climate for the Hungarian LGBT community.

The Labrisz association, supported by the Háttér company, one of the oldest and most important LGBTQI NGOs in Hungary, is determined to fight against this request, which it considers "Discriminating and anti-constitutional". We will see if justice proves him right, but nothing is less certain, in a country where the law of men is still deeply governed by religious law.

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