Hunting: for Marine Tondelier, the government’s application to protect walkers is “a scandal”

The national secretary of the Greens continues to demand a ban on hunting with hounds on Sundays.

Marine Tondelier will not let go. Recently appointed head of Europe Ecology-The Greens, the regional councilor of Hauts-de-France continues to demand the experimentation of the ban on hunting with hounds on Sundays. Attached to her proposal, she castigates the alternative on which the government is currently working, namely an application allowing hunters to declare themselves and walkers to adapt their itinerary. For the new national secretary, this option is even a “scandal“, far from being up to the situation.

You know that there are far too many deaths in this country, or injuries, victims of stray bullets, hunting accidents“, declared in the preamble the ecologist, invited on France Inter this Sunday. “It’s an obvious problem“, she added. For Marine Tondelier, the response provided by the executive is therefore derisory. The elected official also joked, evoking the “great solution” of the government, which would set up an application “where hunters, if they have network and a smartphone with full battery, would report where it is. And we, we walk around, and we have to say, ah a hunter, wait, I’m going through this, I’m going through this… What’s this story?»

A fervent defender of the regular ban, the environmentalist then denounced “the start-up hypocrisy“. “The government is: ‘a problem, an application’“, she quipped. Before castigatingthe hunting lobby and Willy Schraen “, who have “open table at the Élysée, open table at Matignon.» «In this country, they are the ones who make the law, and that is no longer possible“, she launched.

Last October, the Secretary of State for Ecology Bérangère Couillard affirmed that the question of the one-off ban was “notnot a taboo subject“, but it would ultimately have little chance of seeing the light of day.

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